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If you are a SG1 Fan you will Truly enjoy this Clip 🙂


I like to go on the Internet at night when nobody else is up. This means that I am on it usually after midnight. This is the time I can surf around and nobody bugs me. Last night while surfing I came to a website that talked about Ares. The website claimed that Ares is the best P2P file sharing software available anywhere. This sounded pretty good to me so I wanted to know how to get it. After some more Internet surfing I found a place where I could get a free Ares download. I judged this to be pretty good software so I downloaded it.




  1. I must say not only is this a great video on of the very very best but Ares download is the best and can be found by clicking the link at the top. is NOT the location to get ares music –> is where you find the music downloads and not the god of war 🙂

  2. This is exactly where I am today. I have decided to get into the 21 century and I purchased an iPod and I need to load it up with the music that I WANT to listen to. Not all the stuff that the radio stations decide I like. Plus I want a llittle less of the advertisements pushed into my head! Thanks for letting me know that Ares is the way to go and that I can get a good clean spamware free version at

  3. The long weekend is over, the Indy 500 race is over ( Hélio Castroneves won, again ) the keg is empty … the only thing left to do is vacuum the pool and turn-up the Ares donwloads. Of course tomorrow is the real day for back to reality 🙂

  4. I ran across this blog at the perfect time. I have just decided to try salvia divinorum and I wanted to get some good music for my first official astral projection. I was unable to figure out where I can go to create a good cd. Now, I have found that Ares has music files that people have specially created for astral projections. I am using Ares to get my cd going as I am waiting for salvia shipment to arrive in the mail. After, my “trip” I will blog and let all know how it went.

    Yo corrí a través de este blog en el momento perfecto. He decidido a probar la salvia divinorum y quería conseguir una buena musica para mi primer partido oficial de proyección astral. No he podido averiguar a dónde puedo ir para crear un buen cd. Ahora, he encontrado que Ares tiene archivos de musica que la gente ha creado especialmente para las proyecciones astrales. Estoy utilizando Ares para obtener mi cd va como estoy esperando para llegar a la salvia o el envío por correo. Después, mi “viaje” me blog y dejar que todos sabemos cómo fue.

  5. Yo estaba haciendo los desplazamientos a casa después de bastante bien en términos de conseguir una gran cantidad de trabajo por un día. Tuve mi coche solo sistema de juego al azar de mi Ares descargas. Estaba tanto en piloto automático que realmente ni siquiera se dan cuenta de que estaba activado. Sorprendente, mi lista de descargas Ares, seleccione Kid Rock, durante todo el verano. ¿Qué canción perfecta para el final de un agradable día de verano. No sólo Ares descargas recordar que hoy es bueno y traer recuerdos del pasado verano, que fue grande y mi primer verano de descargas Ares. Me acordé del verano el camino de vuelta cuando antes era de alrededor de descargas Ares y los veranos son muy bien! Dulce blog sobre Ares descargas. Tuve un día bastante fresco y Ares descargas hecho casi perfecto para la última etapa de mi viaje.

  6. She was a little short thing with long, black, and flowing hair. She looked like an angel when she danced. I figure she would pick an Ares music download that was fairly fast and moving. The kind that makes people want to get up on their feet and dance themselves. Or at least want to clap their hands to the music. I liked the piece that the first girl picked. She will do a great performance with that music. The next girl that was coming in was one of my favorite girls. She always put on one of the best performances in my recital.

  7. I used to spend a fortune downloading music, movies, and videos that may or may not have high quality sight and sound. Since I discovered Ares, that’s all behind me. No one wants to pay more than necessary for great downloads and with this site, you don’t have to. They allow me to download at lightening fast speed, give me a library organizer rivaled by no other, and offer 24/7 tech support at no cost. Once you try it you realize you don’t need any other file sharing program. My iPOD is filled with the music I love, and I don’t have to pay a fortune to keep it that way!

  8. I guess it is up to the artist on that one. My friends have recently started getting ares music, and they said that it is a great resource. I am still a little unsure. My friends and I never really got into file sharing, especially when the whole Napster thing happened. I know that it doesn’t really help out the artists if people aren’t going out and actually buying the album. I always thought that it would be great if there was a site that you could use to download one song from any album, and then if you liked it, you could buy the album.

  9. There are so many things I can do with this program. My favorite would have to be getting all the music I love. I can search for hours in stores for this music and end up paying so much, but this program helps me get everything quickly and more efficiently I really love Ares and will continue using it. When I finally download Ares for myself I realized how great the program is. I never knew what my friends where talking about when they would say Ares is great but now I do and I think they are so right.

  10. This opened up another world of opportunity for those who are searching for those hard to find files. Being able to share with other users from around the world is a welcomed opportunity. You can even meet and make new friends, learn about other cultures and traditions different from your own. This will help you to gain a greater appreciation for other cultures, and open up a new world that you might have only dreamed about in the past. In 2006, the ares ultra came along, allowing users to share digital files which included images, documents, videos as well as music.

  11. My grandfather has always been cautious of his things, as in if anyone else touches them except him, there is going to be some problems. Just the other day I was on his computer trying to download music off of his downloading program Ares, and he comes flying down the steps and was mad at me. I was stuck at his house for the rest of the day because I did not have a car to leave, so he just ignored me the rest of the day and when my mother came to pick me up he flipped out on her for leaving me there.

  12. I used to have the best music collection on my computer. I had live cuts, studio cuts, collaborations, and nearly every artist I ever wanted. Of course, that hard drive has since crashed, and I couldn’t re-create my incredible collection without the peer-to-peer technology that I used to build the collection in the first place. I was bummed! Then I discovered ares. I didn’t know that this type of program even existed anymore. I can use peer file-sharing technology, legally, safely, and completely free. I don’t have to worry about lawsuits from record companies, and I don’t have to try to budget my mp3 money.

  13. Yesterday, my husband and I stumbled across Ares musica while on Ares. We were able to look through and download a bunch of Latin songs and videos. Latin music is still very new to us but, we have found we really enjoy listening to it. Ares musica is so easy to use and even though most of the original script is written in Spanish, it can be easily translated into English with the click of a button. Ares is definitely our new favorite site. It seems like we find something new every day. I can’t wait to see what we will find tomorrow.

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    When it comes to living on a budget, there are lots of little tricks I’ve learned, especially in terms of cheap entertainment. When there is only enough money for bills, you have to think outside the box for family fun, which is one of the reasons I got an Ares free download. I make all sorts of fun, crazy mixed CD’s, and my kids and I make up dances to go with them. Or we walk to the park and have scavenger hunts. Anything that is free, we are up for! And you would be surprised at all of the fun you can have without spending money.

  14. I have always had a question about file sharing programs and phones together. I think it would be pretty sweet if there was a program out there like the Ares download that you could put on your phone and download music directly to your phone. I myself have a ton of music on my phone but it is a huge hassle when I have to hook up my phone to my computer and sync my music program with the phone. I would be much happier if I could have an icon right on my phone and get music right from that.

  15. I have been looking into different music sharing software. I am interested in seeing what my options are. I have used a few different ones through the years but have not loved any of them. So, now I am looking for reviews on Ares Descargar Musica. I just found it online while doing a search and it looks like what I am looking for but I am not sure. I am interested in hearing what other people have to say about it and if they have liked it or not. If they have good things to say about it, I will know that it is for me.

  16. My husband loves making cd’s to listen to in the car when he is going to work. He has a long commute and does not like the disc jockeys that are on the radio when he is in the car. He downloads a lot of inspirational and peppy songs off of Ares so that he can get in a good mood and look forward to work. It helps to get in a good mood about something that you do not really care for if you have something really great to listen to. I am glad that he has a good time on the way to work.

  17. This is the main way that the salvia plant spreads in the wild since it almost never produces viable seed. The ideal temperature range for the plant is about 15 – 27C (60 – 80F). They will readily tolerate temperatures about 10C (18F) above and below this range but the plants tend to grow slowly outside of their ideal temperature range. It also prefers a fairly moist atmosphere and will be happiest when the relative humidity is above 50%. Dry air tends to cause the plant to put out deformed growth.Propagating Salvia divinorum from seed.

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