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My Spring Break in Aruba with My

Free Ares Musica Download Software




The first thing I did on spring was get off the school bus I had to pack my suit case.  I only had to pack shorts because we were going to the beach.  When we were done packing we got in the car to go to my dad’s.  Once, at my dad’s I rode my rip-stick for awhile.

 Then we had dinner, I had fish and rice à Yum!  After dinner I had to go to bed.  I wished that we were going to have a good time in Aruba.  The next day we had to wake-up very early.  At least 6 o’clock.  (My dad said it was 3 am.)  Then we had to drive to a hotel to get picked-up by an airport shuttle.   When we got to the airport we had to wait an hour or two.  We had a delicious breakfast.  I had pancakes, the “American- Something.”  Afterwards, we walked to our station where the airplane was. 

When we got on the airplane we had to fasten our seatbelts and listen to all the instructions.  I thought it would take longer than the ride and the ride was at least 45 minutes to an hour.  On the airplane I had Sprite to drink.  I felt like I was on top of the world when I looked out the window.  When we got to the next airport it was in Washington D.C.  All I really saw was a bunch of trees.  We had to wait one hour.  I had some Gatorade and played watched Scooby Doo on my iPod my dad copied from Ares Downloads.  When we got on the next airplane I was watching Spy Kids, (Thanks to Ares Music World ) they told me to turn off twice because we were not allowed to have electronics on when we where taxiing or flying.  But 10 minutes later, we were allowed to turn our electronics back on.  I did not watch any movies on the way because I feel asleep.  I woke up a couple hours later and it was 45 minutes until we landed. 

When we got to Aruba we had to get our luggage which took a long time.  We took a taxi to our hotel.  Our hotel was called the Divi Aruba.  Our rooms were not ready so we ate lunch.  There food was pretty good and outside.  When our room was ready we went inside and we got a room right by a bunch of rocks by the beach.  We decided that we wanted to go swimming.  When we got to the water in was cold on your feet, but if went into the water and splashed once or twice in was really warm but the waves were really big. 

There was a place called, Pizza Per-Tuttie and there was an ice-cream stand right next to it we got to make our own ice-cream – yum!  A day later I was playing in the water and me and my sister Tatum were looking for treasure and I got up to walk to shore.  I stepped on something big and hard – when I picked it up it was a giant starfish.  It was orange on the top and white on the bottom.  I screamed and threw it behind me.   We were unable to find the starfish again.  We went jet-skiing, I was with my brother Kyle.  We went 40 miles per hour.  It hurt but it was fun.  We also went rock climbing.  There walls were hard!  We also built sand castles.  Before I knew  it, it was time to go home.  Back to watching My Ares Movies on my iPod.





  1. Aruba = Sun, Surf and Fun! Thanks for your story! Loved it! Happy to see that Ares Music downloads made the trip go quickly.

  2. What a smart little girl and sounds like a fun trip!! I need to get hooked up with this Ares Music downloads!

  3. The best thing in the world is a day at the beach with the ones you love, fun in the sand and sun and surf with ares playing your favorite of all favorite music. To build your ares music tracks just click the ares link at the top 🙂

  4. Great story. What a fantastic time. I can see in the video that the only way that trip could have been any better is to include one favorite music from Ares. I was happy to see that you had prepared an Ares music download list before the trip. Please continue to share your wander experiences.

    Gran historia. ¡Qué fantástico tiempo. Puedo ver en el vídeo que la única manera de que viaje podría haber sido mejor es incluir una música favorita de Ares. Yo estaba feliz de ver que le había preparado una lista de descargas de musica Ares antes del viaje. Por favor, sigan compartiendo sus experiencias vagar.

  5. Most of the time I thing of Indiana as a good place to leave. However, during the month of May there isn’t a better place to be. Sure there is never a bad time to be in Aruba but in May you have the Indy 500 with Hélio Castroneves taking the pole and the checker flag again for his third time. The true icing on the cake at the Indy 500 is to have your own Ares download cd going with all the good dance songs. Like Doin it in the Butt and The Roof is On fire.

    La mayoría de las veces que me de Indiana como un buen lugar para salir. Sin embargo, durante el mes de mayo no hay mejor lugar para estar. Seguro de que nunca es un mal momento para estar en Aruba en mayo, pero usted tiene el Indy 500, con Hélio Castroneves teniendo el polo y el inspector del nuevo pabellón para su tercera vez. La verdadera guinda del pastel en el Indy 500, es tener su propio Ares descargar cd va con todas las buenas canciones de baile. Al igual que en el Doin Butt y el techo está en llamas.

  6. It is really nice to see that people are still able to enjoy time away from home given the hard times and enjoy themselves without a tv. I can see from this video and the great words where Ares makes a vacation all the better. Thanks for the blog and I too am a huge Ares fan.

    Es realmente agradable ver que la gente está todavía en condiciones de disfrutar de tiempo fuera de casa a los tiempos difíciles y disfrutar de ellos sin una televisión. Puedo ver en este vídeo y las grandes palabras que Ares hace unas vacaciones todos mejor. Gracias por el blog y yo también soy un gran fan Ares.

  7. Yo pensé que algo podría ser una pérdida de tiempo ayer por la noche, me quedé y creado un “rodaje” Ares pista de sonido de mi cuarto de julio de salida. No he pensado ni sé si sería capaz de escuchar mi música Ares pero funcionó perfectamente. Salimos en el país con toneladas de municiones y mucha, mucha de las armas y tuve mi iPod y mi lista de reproducción especial Ares disparo. Cierto las armas eran muy fuertes, pero he usado mi iPod oradores como tapones en los oídos y con protectores auditivos ahogar las explosiones es todo lo que escuchó durante todo el día fue maravilloso Ares canciones! Un verdadero día de rodaje sin Ares música seguiría siendo grande, pero ¿por qué no hacer un gran día perfectamente Ares gran día!? No he sido disparar en aproximadamente 4 años, porque nunca puedo encontrar el tiempo. Por favor, no sólo se centran en el día a día cosas de rutina, dése un tratamiento, crear una lista de reproducción especial Ares sólo para usted y para ir hacer lo que quieres hacer. Sus amigos, familiares y el empleador apreciará más si usted apreciar, y no olvide incluir su lista de Ares. Hoy fue un día increíble Ares. Me encantaría que todo el mundo tienen el mismo Ares experiencia que yo.

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  9. The next girl that was coming in was one of my favorite girls. She always put on one of the best performances in my recital. She was a little short thing with long, black, and flowing hair. She looked like an angel when she danced. I figure she would pick an Ares music download that was fairly fast and moving. The kind that makes people want to get up on their feet and dance themselves. Or at least want to clap their hands to the music. I liked the piece that the first girl picked. She will do a great performance with that music.

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  14. There is this kid on my floor in my dorm at college and I swear him and his girl are always fighting because he is in the room next to me and they are always yelling at each other and slamming doors. What I think he should do is get on Ares, which is a content downloading program, and just turn up the music as loud as he can to drown her out because her voice is extremely annoying. She must be good at something because I have no idea why anyone would want to date her, lucky for me my girlfriend is amazing.

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  16. I am getting married in 6 months. For our wedding a lot of my fiancée’s family will be coming in from different parts of Latin America. I want to make sure I have music that they will enjoy. To do this, I have joined the music sharing site called Ares musica. I am able to download all the Latin music I want to have at my wedding. I have also been using the chat-rooms to get recommendations from other Ares musica users. I am so pleased with this site and I can’t wait for my soon to be husband’s family to hear all the great music I have for the wedding.

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    When my wife and I moved to Arizona, I told her that it would probably only be for a few years, and then we’d be able to transfer back to Montana. Well, that was six years ago, and we’re no closer to being able to transfer than we were back then. Thankfully my wife likes it here, and has found a way to share home movies back and forth with our family back home. She got an Ares free download, and it worked so well for sharing videos that now everyone in our family has one. We get to stay caught up on everyone’s lives, and it makes being so far away a little easier.

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