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Hi All,

                   I have tried just about everything in my life but, this….Salvia is unique. I didn’t take it seriously at all and got the 60x. I was setting in my music studio waiting for my house keepers to come in and decided I would give it a try. OMG!!! Salvia is unreal my body replicated itself and flew around the room for several minutes. I had put on one of the albums that I meditate to, and I have a very high end system in my studio and the woofers looked like they were turning themselves inside out. Very odd. I am fascinated now but, I’m trying to get the nerve up to try salvia again. It was a little intense. What am I saying?  It was damned intense and blew me away. There are too many distractions in my studio so I am going to find quieter place to try it next time. Thank you guys for getting it out to me so quickly. I will order this and some of your other products in the near future plus some acai berry to continue me diet.  I haven’t smoked anything in 20 years. I certainly never ever expected what I experienced this morning. It’s fascinating and frightening all at one time, I love it. Thank you and Peace be with you.


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  1. Acai berry is a wander vitamin. It helps me every which way. I feel so much better that I want to get out and do things that make me feel even better! I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to maintain or improve there health!

  2. I Need Some Salvia:

    I grabbed a quick little puddle jumper from a neighboring state to Washington DC today and now thanks to a rain storm at the capital I am stuck on this stupid airplane. Of course as you can image if I even try to smoke a little salvia something tells me the flight Witch will have a cow. To top it off I think the chick next to me is about to up-chuck! She must be pregnant! If she barfs I’m heading to the bathroom for my salvia trip. She’s hot but the bag kind of takes something away from the whole joining the mile high club! F%^& my battery is going dead!

  3. Having used salvia ( your 10x) three times with 3 minutes of absolute terror/horror and panic a result each time, I

    happen to think that before some kid or adult jumps out a window to make it stop, it needs to be banned


    As a veteren of the mid 1960s Acid era, and an ex “Hippie”, I’m very liberal minded about such matters, but hey,

    that salvia IMO, should never have been so widely advertised, I’ll stick to my Kratom, mushrooms, and

    cactus, where at least, if you’re having an unplesant experience, a Benzo such as Valium or Lorazapam,

    will set you right and no harm done!

    I was so terrorized for two minutes, that I didn’t know who I was, or what I had done, or where I even

    was…which is fortunate for me, as if I could have figured out what to do with it, I would have taken

    my .357 and blown my brains out just to stop the Horror!

    Next to salvia, DMT is a joke, and LSD-25 is a walk in the park!

    There’s lots of good stuff out there in plant life, but Salvia, like Poison Ivy, rattlesnakes and cobras, are

    one of Mother Nature’s mistakes!

    I wish that is was all fun and games, but most folks who have tried it, feel exactly as I do about Salvia!


    Bob Martinez

    PS My advice, drop salvia and bring down the price of your “Sky High,15x Krartom to the level of

    places like I Am Shaman…ETc; and you will do well!

  4. Q. What is vaporization and how does it differ from smoking?
    A. Vaporization consists of heating pure salvinorin A, extract, or powdered leaf to a high temperature without igniting it. The temperature must be high enough for at least some of the salvinorin to temporarily become a gas (vapor). The ideal air-stream temperature for vaporization is approximately 277° C (530° F.). These vapors, mixed with the aerosol the vapors condense to and air, are inhaled. Like the smoke from burning salvia leaves, the products of vaporization contain salvinorin and other volatile products, either as gases, or as an aerosol of small condensed droplets. Unlike smoking, vaporization does not produce ash particulates, or oxidation products such as carbon monoxide. Inhaling vapors is probably somewhat less damaging to one’s lungs than is inhaling smoke; but it cannot be considered free of all health risks. Your lungs evolved to inhale clean air, not hot vapors.

  5. Salvia divinorum is used as a sacred medicine by indigenous shamanic healers living in the mountainous Sierra Madre Oriental in the northeastern corner of the Mexican State of Oaxaca. In Spanish, these specialized healers are referred to as curanderos; in Mazatec these people are called cho-ta-ci-ne (“one who knows”). Salvia divinorum is primarily used in situations where the curanderos feels it is necessary to travel into the supernatural world in order to discover the true cause of the patient’s trouble. It is used in a ceremonial manner to induce a visionary trance state, within which it is possible determine the underlying cause of disease and to learn what steps should be taken to remedy such disease. It is also used in cases of theft or loss to determine the circumstances and whereabouts of missing objects. The leaves are always used fresh and are consumed orally; either by chewing the leaves or drinking an aqueous infusion of the crushed-leaf juices. Sometimes it is given to the patient, sometimes it is taken by the curandero and sometimes both take it together.

  6. At this level one can expect to be in a state of relaxation and bliss compared to that of an aphrodisiac. The second level is only slightly more intense the user begins to feel slightly detached from reality with heightened senses of space, sight smell and sound. The third level is more disorienting and the user begins to hallucinate however is still able to distinguish these hallucinations from reality. The fourth level is the second most desired level of salvia effects for shamanic mystics looking for spiritual enlightenment. At this stage one will experience intense visual hallucinations and it is said that with you eyes closed very real visions of past lives and times may be experienced with salvia.

  7. Smoking or chewing the leaves of the plant sends the user on a trip that according to accounts posted on various sites can be even more intense than the LSD experience, but unlike an LSD trip, which can last six hours or more, the Mexican herb’s effects usually last less than an hour, with a peak of only 20 minutes or less. One woman who has experimented with salvia told ABCNEWS that she lost touch with her surroundings for only a few minutes, but during the experience it seemed much longer, and she found it difficult to describe everything she saw, heard and felt.

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