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Salvia Extract 20X
Salvia Extract 20X


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Salvia Leaf

Salvia LeafSalvia Extract 20X











Salvia is legal in most countries at the time of writing and is sold in varying strengths as an extract. Salvia Divinorum Extract can 6x, 10x or even 20x the strength of the original leaf or even higher. I’ve seen videos of people under the influence of Salvia, some appear to be frightened in a similar way to having a “bad trip”, and others just appear totally out of it. I don’t recommend you take this substance without a sitter who isn’t under the influence unless you’re very experienced and know exactly what to expect. If you must use, then use with extreme caution and respect. Don’t use unless you’ve got a clear head and are in a good mood as more likely to have a bad experience. If in doubt, don’t touch it, there’s other more natural ways to experience Astral Projection.

For hundreds of years people have apparently been using the leaves of a plant called Salvia to induce Astral Projection and/or spiritual growth. It’s being marketed and sold today for this purpose or it’s just sold as legal high. Most people smoke salvia.

If your consciousness really is transported to the Astral Plane after smoking Salvia, then it’s understandable that it could be very frightening, especially if the person doesn’t know what to expect. Salvia could be potentially sending people into the Astral who aren’t ready for it and can’t handle the experience. Also if you haven’t got a clear mind in the Astral, you can create your own demons and not see the Astral as it really is, in a similar way to a dream or even a nightmare. When you induce Astral Projection using meditation techniques, you automatically have to have a clear mind to start with, with Salvia, this often isn’t the case. Also if you enter the Astral during meditation, it’s easy to return to your body, with Salvia, this may not be so easy controlled, although you will definitely return eventually. It’s also worrying that while experiencing Salvia and allegedly the Astral, people are often still moving about physically. I can’t explain this as it doesn’t seem to fit in with normal Astral Projection and it could be potentially dangerous, E.g. you could have a physical accident. This is one good reason why having a sitter is highly recommended for your own safety and peace of mind.

Okay, back to the question, can Salvia Divinorum induce Astral Projection? Well, see my journal below which details my controlled experiments and first hand results.



Journal  – A 1st Hand Study Into The Effects Of Salvia Leaves When Smoked

 Preparation and Contemplation

1 Gram of Salvia Divinorum 20x extract arrives in the post. Now I’ve actually got it, I fear using it, worrying about the unknown. What will it be like? Will it be enjoyable or unpleasant? Will it be frightening? Will I be able to control and handle the experience? Will I really Astral Project? The fear stops me using it immediately, but I’m so intrigued and excited that it’s impossible for me to leave it for long. Yes I will try it, but I need to take every precaution possible first, I know this drug deserves the greatest of respect and must first arrange a suitable sitter. I continue studying information across the Internet while trying to build up my courage. I must take the plunge the next few days.



  1. Download their free astral projection mp3. It will help you relax and get the best out of your salvia experience…

  2. Thanks for the tip Sherry. Good point about the astral projection cd 🙂 try and enjoy all 🙂

  3. Do you believe that there is “another-world” out there. Have you ever had an Astral Projection ? Thanks in advance for your input.

  4. Salvia is the best for an astra projection … just make sure you have a “good” friend with you.

  5. If you have not given salvia a smoke yet — you are really missing out on a great experience that might not be legal for much longer. Ohio and Florida have both recently made salvia divinorum illegal in their states. If you want to try salvia you can click the link at the top to buy salvia.

  6. Thanks for the informative blog about salvia. Salvia seems to be a wanderful product for expanding ones astral projections. I have not tried to buy salvia yet but now that I see all the great reasons to thanks to your blog I will give it a shot. from what I can guess I would like to comment that if you want to peak your salvia trip create an Ares download list before your trip and play it during your travlels.

    Gracias por el blog informativo acerca de la salvia. Salvia parece ser un producto wanderful para ampliar las proyecciones astrales. No he intentado comprar salvia aún, pero ahora veo que todas las grandes razones para gracias a su blog voy a darle un tiro. de lo que puedo adivinar que me gustaría comentar que si quieres pico salvia su viaje crear una lista de descargas Ares antes de su viaje y jugar durante su travlels.

  7. Today is one of those days that I will be reliving during my next salvia trip. It started out raining buckets then the sun came out – everything is clean and clear and the temperature is perfect. I have the weekend Indy 500 race fresh in my mind and there are glasses half full of skunked beer lying all around. Unfortunately there will be no salvia trip today because it is a holiday and the mailman is not gonna bring me my new shipment of salvia until … hopefully tomorrow.

  8. I just wanted to let you know that, months ago after listening to your mp3, I did have an out of body experience!! Thus why after my computer crashed and was reloaded I was so very eager to have another copy. Thank you for helping me.

    I have tried to re-experience OBE without the Mp3 but only managed to be pulled right back into my body.

    I have read alot about OBE’s because when I was younger I was friends with a High Priestess. She had told me that I had power I had yet to tap into. After studying many works she had given me on various subjects, I began to have visions in my sleep. These were usually of someones death or near death experiences, not my own. Even my Jehovah’s Witness Grandmother said these were a sign that if I could stop (tell) the person of what I saw I may be able to prevent it. This went on for about 10 years. I even received “feelings'” about my family, if one was upset I “knew” it, and would call to talk about it to them.

    Then all of a sudden I no longer saw these visions or felt the strange feelings. Did I block them?? I do know I am empathic and feel peoples pain when in the same room with them.

    When I received your MP3 I was excited ( wanted to try OBE). That night I did a location wander of my home picking out things I would try to look at while out of my body. Unsure as to what would happen I wanted something to do while out of body. I lay down on my bed after everyone was asleep and listened to the mp3. I could feel the pull of the astral plane near the end of the mp3. I removed the earphones and relaxed, summoning the sounds of the mp3 to my mind. I was aware of the sensation of vibrating, then the slow rising of my body. I seemed to have a slight glow of white light eminating from my body. While in the astral plane I did my location of objects as mentioned above. I went to my son’s room and looked down on him. He opened his eyes and saw me( he told me in the morning he had seen me by his bed in my night gown, i was dressed in my jeans and shirt before he went to bed, just so you know he actually saw me.). When i was on my way back to my
    body I heard a voice call my name. It was Debbie ( a lady who had passed away 3 months before). She came to me and told me to tell Vicky, her sister not to get in the red car or she would die. Then she seemed to reach out to touch me, a bright light shot through her and me, then I woke up in my body.

    I remembered everything! I was not sure how to find her sister as I hadn’t seen her or knew where she was living at the time. Strangely enough while coming home that day I saw Vicky. I explained what Debbie had told me. Vicky was naturally upset but believed me and we exchange numbers. She was to get a ride home in her ex’s car in half an hour, the car was a red honda. She called him to tell him she’d get a ride with someone else. The next day I got a call from a very upset Vicky. She told me a friend of hers was going to take her shopping and when the lady showed up in a red car she declined to go, explained about my vision. Her friend was on her way back to Vicky’s when she was side swiped by a truck and the passenger side was caved in almost to the driver seat. The friend recieved some scratches and bruising, but the officer on site told her it was a good thing noone was in the passenger seat because they would have died. I thank you for the mp3
    because it saved a life by me having that OBE.

    My son, Xander, who show signs of seeing what he terms as “ghosts” wants to learn about the paranormal world. I have been studying some of the information I have read with him. I know he is to young at 9 years to try an OBE, but he wants to learn about. Do you feel it is safe to teach him??

    Thank you for listening.

    Rachel H.
    Open your eyes and you can see, close your mind and you’ll see nothing
    Rae Van

  9. Whoa! That is great comment. A little long but I appreciate all the personal information you have shared. I have been wanting to try salvia myself and have been sacred. Now that I see that you believe in it enough to not only want it for yourself but are also considering the benefits of your son … I think I should try it. Stay tuned and hopefully I too will be able to post a great savlia trip.

  10. They are in the second and third grade. One of them asked if they could get on the computer and download music. I told them that was fine, as long as I could help. I didn’t have to. They went straight to Ares download, and I was amazed at how super fast it was. Well, I was amazed that they knew how to download music too. After they were done, I was checking out other features of the site. It was a really great site. From now on, I will be downloading my music from there. I was babysitting my niece and nephew the other day.

  11. As of March 2009, Salvia divinorum, and/or its primary active chemical salvinorin A, were specifically scheduled or controlled in several countries. In 2002, Australia was the first country to officially schedule S. divinorum and salvinorin A. Other countries that now control the plant (and sometimes salvinorin A) in some manner are Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Norway, South Korea, Spain, and Sweden.

  12. Halpern, who emphasized that he is not a drug advocate, said he doesn’t believe that making salvia divinorum illegal is necessary, though he also said there is no reason for anyone to fear that DEA scheduling would interfere with academic research. “If it is scheduled, I don’t think it’s going to change anything,” he said. “It doesn’t seem like there’s going to be that many repeat users.” There are still more questions than answers about salvia divinorum. According to researchers, salvia divinorum acts on the brain in a way that has not been seen before, and for that reason it deserves more study.

  13. No offence to everyone here, but your never EVER supposed to “smoke” Salvia, its ment to be chewed! Anyone who smokes it is just begging for a bad trip!

  14. They say on the one hand that publicity might attract users looking for a new “recreational drug,” which they emphasize salvia divinorum is not, and on the other that it could prompt the DEA to take action against it without a full review of the case. One site posts an extensive list of academic articles discussing the herb’s use by Indians in Mexico and how it works chemically on the brain. Among the articles is Salvinorin A: Notes of Caution by Daniel J. Siebert, the ethnobotanist who runs the site. Salvinorin A (the major active principal of the plant Salvia divinorum) is an extremely powerful consciousness altering compound,” the article begins. “In fact, it is the most potent naturally occurring hallucinogen thus far isolated. But before would-be experimenters get too worked-up about it, it should be made clear that the effects are often extremely unnerving and there is a very real potential for physical danger with its use.”

  15. They do not like any strong direct light. On the other hand they do not do well in deep shade either. You may want to plant them in the ground if you have a suitable location. Salvia can grow very fast in the ground, as much as two meters in six months. The stems of Salvia divinorum are not very strong, when the plant gets taller than about one meter tall it will fall over if not given support. Sometimes the stem will break off, but usually it will just bend over and if the bent over stem is in good contact with moist soil it will quickly root and eventually send up new stems from the new location.

  16. you should go to as they have a much better way of controlling the portion of your hit. by the one with the green, yellow, and red pack. and smoke the green first. i believe there are 5 hits in a 1/2 gram so i suggest doing 1/5 of that 1/2 gram pack of green. this will introduce you into the feeling of sally d. if ur still scared of this, do 1/10 of that 1/2 gram (thats technically half of a normal beginner’s hit). u’ll feel no more than a lightheaded feeling, like smoking a cigarette. after 2-5 minutes, if u think that’s fine, then go for another 1/10 of the green pack and then another 1/10… get yourself used to the feeling first. and maybe u’ll wanna do 1/5 (which is a normal hit) of the green stuff. keep in mine that sally d has a reverse-tolerance effect meaning it will get stronger the more you do it. i then suggest you try 1/10 of the yellow one (assuming you bought the 1/2 gram pack) if u feel more comfortable with it. you’ll now feel that your body is being twisted slightly, almost like what the previous poster says, like a 3 ring binder. remember that you are not your body. the body is an illusion made up by your mind. the more affected you are by sally d, the more you’ll realize this altered perception. if you do it enough, u’ll be able to astral project, which basically means you are outside of your body because you will realize you are not your body and are free to roam around. it will not feel like you are a body going around, it will feel very different. try to stay calm in all of this and keep in mind that it’s just a fun trick of the perception. you’ll go back into your normal body soon.

    i can sympathize with your fear of this drug. the first time i took it i didn’t know what it was but i didnt have such a big hit and i thought it wasn’t anything special. i remembered this rather mundane experience and a few years later i took it, thinking itll just hit me like it did before. boy was i wrong. i took 1/5 of a 1/2 gram packet of the yellow, thinking it was just ‘medium’ but i guess my tolerance was so weak that it hit me so hard. i thought my body was being ripped to pieces like a book. i thought i died and was flattened by a bus and now i’m this pancake trying to lift myself up. all directions of up, down, left, right, etc was being warped around me. there was no sense of direction at that point. i literally thought i died and heard spirits saying “oh, lets bring this new one in and make him comfortable, its his first time in this higher life and he seems frightened.” it’s as if i was a newborn in this higher plane and frightened to death, much like a newborn being born into the physical world, crying its lungs off.

    anyways, i would say to definitely give sally a try. i myself just started again just recently which is why i’m searching google about this stuff. it’s non addictive so dont worry. the past 5 years i’ve only taken it maybe 5 times, the 2nd one being my most profound experience because i totally didn’t expect it to happen like that.

    i’d say to just dive in. the only fear is fear itself and once you do it, you’ll be proud you did it. the actual experience is much more than any book you can ever read.

  17. Ok, my first time. I don’t smoke. BUt i want to try Sally. Is it to burn in like an incense holder and inhale or can it be drunk? I saw somewhere it works good with warm lime juice?

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