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Welcome to my Ares Destiny Plug: Cheese yes, but True and I Want to Spread the Good Word 🙂

Ares Destiny is by far, the best P2P file sharing program available today. Given it’s structure I can not image how anymore or better can be offered in the future. As soon as something New and exciting is available to the public it is instantly and automatically absorbed my Ares Download Musica (aka: Ares Descargar Musica.) Ares allows users to share and download music, movies, games, software, images, etc., through the Ares p2p network. The P2P is Peer to Peer… that is as soon has your friend has it, it becomes available to you. Ares is able to handle “it” no matter what “it” is: Music, files, movies, games, wedding video, address books! You can easily share your Ares files, through the Ares decentralized p2p network. As a member of the Ares virtual community, you can search for and download just about any type of file shared by other users through the largest and most reliable P2P network. Get unlimited music downloads with the latest version of Ares. The latest version of the now famous Ares P2P file sharing program, supports BitTorrent protocol and Shoutcast radio stations. With Ares you can also join chat rooms or host your channel and meet new friends.



If you have limited brain cells do NOT watch this video, It WILL destroy brain cells!




  1. thanks for the information. Ares music is with a doubt the best music download softwares available.

  2. Love the info about Ares Musica. Thanks for the depth info about Ares. I will continue to check back. Please keep updating and informing.

  3. Glad to see you enjoyed Legend. I hope the you-tube didn’t destory your ablility to get Ares Music Downloads onto your iPod 🙂 Enjoy.

  4. Great Video! Definitely fryed some brain cells ! Now I have to go to and get some Ares How-To-Video’s and rebuild the brain mass. 🙂

  5. Thanks for all the great comments. I figured some would find that video … hum good. If you want to download ares music just click the link at the top and enjoy ares music 🙂

  6. I have been searching the web for the ideal place to download Ares music and your indepth informative blog has convinced me that officialares is the place to get the best free Ares music downloads. Thanks for the info.

    He estado buscando en la web el lugar ideal para descargar musica de Ares y su InDepth informativo blog me ha convencido de que officialares es el lugar para obtener las mejores descargas de musica gratis Ares. Gracias por la info.

  7. Today is shaping up to be a perfect day. It was POURING down rain this morning when I woke-up to my iPod radio set to randomly play my favorite Ares music downloads. Then my woman “persuaded” me to spend a little extra time in the bed. To keep my day going in the right direction I am going to make sure I keep the Ares downloads going in the back-ground. Not only do I have all my favorite songs downloaded but I have secret “bites” that get injected into my day. Things like a two minute tip from “The Secret” a story from Zig Ziglar and/or a quote read from Abraham Lincoln.

    Hoy en día se perfila a ser un día perfecto. Se vierte en la lluvia de esta mañana cuando me desperté, a mi iPod radio al azar a tocar mi música favorita Ares descargas. Entonces mi mujer “persuadir” a gastar un poco más de tiempo en la cama. Para mantener mi día va en la dirección que voy a asegurarme de que yo mantenga el Ares descargas van en el fondo. No sólo tengo todas mis canciones favoritas, pero he descargado secreto “mordidas” que se inyecta en mi día. Cosas como una punta de dos minutos de “The Secret” una historia de Zig Ziglar y / o leer una cita de Abraham Lincoln.

  8. I like the title of this blog because it is truely cheesy but oh so perfect. I could not say it any better and for some reason it always seems to come out sounding like a commercial. However, any which way you put it. Ares is a fantastic program and if you are into downloading music you need to check out Ares.

    Me gusta el título de este blog porque es verdaderamente Caseoso pero tan perfecto. No podría decirlo mejor y por alguna razón siempre parece salir de sonido como un comercial. Sin embargo, cualquier manera que usted lo puso. Ares es un programa fantástico y si está en la descarga de musica que usted necesita para ver Ares.

  9. Me encantaría que todo el mundo tienen el mismo Ares experiencia que yo. Yo pensé que algo podría ser una pérdida de tiempo ayer por la noche, me quedé y creado un “rodaje” Ares pista de sonido de mi cuarto de julio de salida. No he pensado ni sé si sería capaz de escuchar mi música Ares pero funcionó perfectamente. Salimos en el país con toneladas de municiones y mucha, mucha de las armas y tuve mi iPod y mi lista de reproducción especial Ares disparo. Cierto las armas eran muy fuertes, pero he usado mi iPod oradores como tapones en los oídos y con protectores auditivos ahogar las explosiones es todo lo que escuchó durante todo el día fue maravilloso Ares canciones! Un verdadero día de rodaje sin Ares música seguiría siendo grande, pero ¿por qué no hacer un gran día perfectamente Ares gran día!? No he sido disparar en aproximadamente 4 años, porque nunca puedo encontrar el tiempo. Por favor, no sólo se centran en el día a día cosas de rutina, dése un tratamiento, crear una lista de reproducción especial Ares sólo para usted y para ir hacer lo que quieres hacer. Sus amigos, familiares y el empleador apreciará más si usted apreciar, y no olvide incluir su lista de Ares. Hoy fue un día increíble Ares.

  10. The company is structured in a different manner which has made it a lot harder to shut the company down. There is no one person that can be sued to shut it down since it is not owned in that manner. Not to mention that it is the best network out there. There have been many different file sharing companies and programs that have popped up all over the Internet. Many of these same companies have quickly met their end and been shut down for good. Ares has proven with the newest release of the Ares download that they are here to stay.

  11. She will do a great performance with that music. The next girl that was coming in was one of my favorite girls. She always put on one of the best performances in my recital. She was a little short thing with long, black, and flowing hair. She looked like an angel when she danced. I figure she would pick an Ares music download that was fairly fast and moving. The kind that makes people want to get up on their feet and dance themselves. Or at least want to clap their hands to the music. I liked the piece that the first girl picked.

  12. Many of us run out of time and space in our memory for everything we have to do and remember. We all have schedules and deadlines and family members who have them too. Between all of the sporting events my children have and deadlines I have for work I’m lucky to remember them all. The last thing on my mind is remembering what day and time I have to return the movies we rent over the weekends. I got tired of paying late fees and found a solution. I now do ares downloads for all of our movies. I never have to remember when to take back our movies because they are now burned to our own DVDs.

  13. You can also find a way better selection of music then you can on other web pages. They have software that is free to download. The only thing you have to pay for is the membership fees. That seems like a great deal to me. When you are downloading music, do you want the site you use to be easy or difficult. I would say most of us would answer easy. Well if you are looking for a site that is very easy to use you should go to Ares. Check them out and see what you think about them. They are the most popular sharing program.

  14. There is an exchange among strangers and you never once have to talk to them or see them. How wonderful? For people who have not tried Ares I really feel that you are missing out. It is a great program for everyone. The great thing about Ares is the fact that there are so many different files available to me that I really love how great a chance there is for me to find exactly what I am looking for. I think that Ares is a great program because you can really share your own files and download other people’s files.

  15. Everyone want to have an opportunity to get the latest tunes on their computer so that they can listen to their favorite songs any time of the day. Having easy access to downloads is convenient, especially since you do not have to be a computer whiz in order to use them. You will get easy to follow instructions that might make you feel like a pro, when the instructions are followed correctly. You can have access immediately once you have downloaded the software. Being able to easily get an ares download is a definite benefit to using this popular file sharing software.

  16. My mom is always looking for ways to free up hard disk space on our computer’s hard drive, and she always thinks that the reason that the computer is so slow is because all of the music that I downloaded off of the Internet. It never fails because time after time I always show her that the company Ares, which I download music off of, the file with that name on our computer is always empty because after I am done downloading the music I delete it from the system so that we do not get any viruses and our computer is always fine.

  17. My husband is what would be a music connoisseur. He loves music from all eras since the dawn of rock and roll and he is constantly online trying to find specific hard to find music. However, he has found that some of the music that he wants it to expensive for our budget, which really frustrated him. However, I found a site called ares which has millions of users that offer music for free downloads. I showed the site to my husband and he found many of the songs that he was looking for. He was amazed at the variety of songs that this music networking site had to offer.

  18. I love to listen to all kinds of music, especially on my IPod. I use it when I work out or work in the yard. It can get so expensive buying songs at $.99 each, especially when my IPod can hold 180 gigs of music. I would like to find a program that allows me to share files with other users so that I may increase my music library without spending lots of money. A friend of mine told me I should try ares. I guess its like Napster, only better and less detectable so you can use it legally. I think I will give it a shot! Why Not? Its free!!

  19. I love to listen to new and exciting Latin music. In the past, it has been very difficult to find ways to listen to this type of music. That is, until I found Ares musica. Ares is a file sharing site and has tons of Latin downloads. I have been able to gather a whole collection of my favorite Latin songs. By using the Ares chat-rooms, I can even get the names of new songs from other knowledgeable Latin music fans. I am so glad I came across Ares musica, it makes finding and listening to my music so much easier!

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    My sister’s boyfriend finally proposed to her, and she asked me to be the maid of honor. I’m so excited I just can’t stand it, and am going to be the best maid of honor ever. I’ve already started helping her make plans, and already had our brother get the Ares free download to start collecting music for the wedding and reception. I think I’m doing a pretty good job – I’m not making decisions for her, but I’m keeping everything organized and making sure all she has to do is make choices, like what foods, what dresses, etc. I do the rest!

  20. If you search on the Internet you can find pretty much anything you are looking for by just putting in a keyword. One big item that people tend to search for is the newest and greatest file sharing programs. One company that I tend to go for is the Ares download. I have heard a lot of good things about this program and it seems pretty easy to use and works at a pretty fast rate as well. The Ares application that I use has a number of seeders and leechers which tends to speed up the process of downloading information a lot.

  21. Spring cleaning has never been difficult, although this year I am attempting to do it while pregnant with twins and when my husband’s brother is visiting. I am not looking forward to beer and the games on the weekends, while I am trying to wash windows and air out the house. My sister suggested I go to Ares, download my favorite high energy music, and then plug in, and tune out. That sounds like such a great idea, I am actually looking forward to it. And then I thought it would be a perfect thing to use as part of my Lamaze program as well.

  22. I really love my IPod and take it where ever I go. I have to ride on the subway a lot and I do a lot of running so I need to download a lot of songs that can keep me occupied without me getting bored. The only music downloader that I really like is Ares and I need to know if it is IPod friendly. I think that most things are these days but I need to know before I sign up for it. I hope that it is because I love listening to music. I know I will be fine.

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