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Ares Download Music Review:


Navigating the Ares interface is easy for anyone who has used Kazaa or LimeWire. Ares follows the same basic format, placing navigation icons along the top for search, view, and the like. It isn’t exactly what we’d call attractive; it’s more on the utilitarian side.

Though it’s not as attractive as LimeWire, peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing application Ares 2.1.1 offers unrestricted searches, and it tested completely clean in our informal spyware tests.   Ares is available in a number of variations, such as Ares Gold, Ares 2.1.1, and Ares Destiny. Ares is the only P2P client we’re aware of that includes online chat.  Because it uses its own Gnutella network, Ares doesn’t return as many search hits as some other clients we tested, but it produces fewer fake files. You can’t beat the price, so give it a shot, but make sure your spyware protection is up-to-date.

Installing Ares is a simple two-click affair. When the program first runs, you must click through another couple of configuration dialogs, but all in all, the process is painless and easy. We found nothing amiss during the Ares installation, though we later discovered two remnants after uninstalling the program: tcpip_patcher.sys and tcpippatcherdll.dll. Whether this flotsam was simply an oversight or indicative of an unknown form of malware we can’t say; left to guess, we’d say the former, since we didn’t notice any aberrant behavior.

Ares has all the usual P2P features, plus some unique ones. There’s a search window, an audio and video preview page, and an upload and download monitor. It’s also quite easy to tweak these controls using the control-panel page. Unfortunately, as with other P2P clients that let you make such adjustments, the average user will need to do a bit of research to understand some of the more arcane settings, such as ports, hash links, and proxy bouncing. Like LimeWire, Ares also serves as a media librarian for your entire computer, not just the files you download or share.

While other P2P clients are limited to 100 or 200 hits, Ares allows unlimited searching on its own Gnutella-based network.  Ares can perform multiple simultaneous searches just like LimeWire. Still, Ares came up with more than 265 unique hits on a generic search for cars — a lot more than you’ll get with any other client.

Socially minded users will also enjoy Ares as a chat-room client. It’s the only P2P client we’re aware of with chat capability, and our quick tour revealed a lot of people online. You can also share files privately using this function.

Other than the leftover files, our one real gripe with Ares is that it’s Internet Explorer-only. That means that clicking a link within the Ares Web browser will open Internet Explorer whether or not it’s your default browser. LimeWire, on the other hand, let us browse with Firefox.

Online support for Ares is good. The main site has FAQs and a rather active user forum where you can ask questions.  Since Ares is so functionally similar to other P2P clients, you can easily apply your knowledge from previous experiences.

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  1. Sooooo Sorry about posting that Family Guy video … I know it is wrong wrong wrong … I just can’t pull myself away. Gonna transfer that to my iPod, via Ares!

  2. Love the Family guy! Tooo Funny. Gonna get the avi from Ares downloads for my iPod.

  3. cool sitename man)))

  4. Thanks for all the great input! If you want to truly experience a fantastic thing just click the link at top to download ares free to get all the music downloads you can dream of. You can fill up even a 120 iPod!

  5. I appreciate a logical review of all the software so I can make an informative decision without all the biasis that comes with one looking to make some money. I like the way you explain all the pros and cons of each version of software. I now know what is go and bad about each Ares version and know the best place to get Ares from. Thanks again and keep blogging. By the way I have chosen Officialares as my location for my Ares downloads.

    Aprecio un examen lógico de todo el software por lo que puede hacer un informativo de decisión sin todos los biasis que viene con un aspecto de ganar algo de dinero. Me gusta la forma en que explicar todos los pros y los contras de cada versión de software. Ahora sé lo que es malo ir y Ares acerca de cada versión y saber el mejor lugar para obtener de Ares. Gracias de nuevo y mantener blogs. Por la forma que he elegido como mi ubicación Officialares para mi Ares descargas.

  6. I love ares and complete agree and like this review. What is really nice about ares is you can sign on at anytime night or day and get the song that you just heard on the radio or remembered or thought of after somebody told you a story that reminded you of a special time. This weekend is a memory making weekend for me. We have been jamming to ares downloads all weekend and watching the Indy cars do circles at 200 mph. Enjoy your Ares and live long IndyCar.

    Me encanta y completa en áreas de acuerdo y como esta revisión. Lo que es realmente bueno de áreas se puede acceder en cualquier momento de día o de la noche y tener la canción que acabamos de escuchar en la radio o recordar o pensamiento de alguien dijo que después de una historia que recuerda que de un momento especial. Este fin de semana es una memoria de fin de semana para mí. Hemos estado de bloqueo a todas las áreas de descargas de fin de semana y ver los coches de la Indy hacer círculos a 200 mph. Disfrute de su tiempo y vivir Ares IndyCar.

  7. Thanks for the great review about Ares. I have changed music download software a number of times. It seems like the software alway at some point shutsdown due to getting in legal trouble or wants me to start paying for each song or the songs that I want. This review explains why ares is so great. I love the peer-to-peer feature.

    Gracias por la gran revisión acerca de Ares. He cambiado el software de descarga de musica en varias ocasiones. Parece que el software siempre en algún momento debido a shutsdown entrar en problemas legales o quiere empezar a pagar por cada canción o las canciones que quiero. Esta revisión se explica por qué áreas es tan grande. Me encanta el de igual a igual función.

  8. Dulce blog sobre Ares descargas. Tuve un día bastante fresco y Ares descargas hecho casi perfecto para la última etapa de mi viaje. Yo estaba haciendo los desplazamientos a casa después de bastante bien en términos de conseguir una gran cantidad de trabajo por un día. Tuve mi coche solo sistema de juego al azar de mi Ares descargas. Estaba tanto en piloto automático que realmente ni siquiera se dan cuenta de que estaba activado. Sorprendente, mi lista de descargas Ares, seleccione Kid Rock, durante todo el verano. ¿Qué canción perfecta para el final de un agradable día de verano. No sólo Ares descargas recordar que hoy es bueno y traer recuerdos del pasado verano, que fue grande y mi primer verano de descargas Ares. Me acordé del verano el camino de vuelta cuando antes era de alrededor de descargas Ares y los veranos son muy bien!

  9. She always put on one of the best performances in my recital. She was a little short thing with long, black, and flowing hair. She looked like an angel when she danced. I figure she would pick an Ares music download that was fairly fast and moving. The kind that makes people want to get up on their feet and dance themselves. Or at least want to clap their hands to the music. I liked the piece that the first girl picked. She will do a great performance with that music. The next girl that was coming in was one of my favorite girls.

  10. Using ares downloads is so easy. It is also free and fast. There are millions of movies, games, and songs to download. You don’t have to worry about going out in the cold weather anymore when you want to snuggle up on the couch with your loved one to watch a movie. All you have to do is go online and download the movie you want. Before you are done popping your buttery popcorn, your movie will be downloaded and ready to watch. My husband and I watch a new movie almost every night now that we have found this free, fast, and easy way to get movies.

  11. I usually just get in touch with some of my friends and ask what they are listening to if MySpace isn’t working. I am a musician, and because of that, I am always trying to find new music. MySpace used to be my main source for finding new groups, but it is starting to weigh on me a little bit. I recently came across a program called Ares, that offers music downloads, similar to Napster, and other file sharing sites. Although I am still a little unsure about the legality of ares music, it is worth looking into if you are in an immediate need to find new music.

  12. They were right though I think the best thing about this program is the great features it has. You can get so many files at the click of a button that it is truly amazing. I think that people who have not discovered Ares for themselves are really missing out. This program has really made it easier for me to get the files I want any time of the day. Once I got my own Ares I realize what all the fuss and talk was about. People are always telling me how great this program is, but I never believed them.

  13. This is one of the most sought after download programs for this purpose, as many users worldwide are hooked. With this popularity comes caution to avoid scams. Yes, unfortunately there are scams which can take advantage of unsuspecting people. For better or for worse, you need to know that you are getting the right versions, and not something that will take over and infect your computer with a virus. Instead of sharing music files, all of your files will be wiped out. It is good to know that you can use ares on your computer to conduct all of your file sharing options.

  14. My dad has always been the electronic genius of our family. I do not know how he knows so much about electronic stuff because he never went to college and to be honest he is not the brightest guy out there, but he certainly does know more about electronics than I think I could ever know. He personally installed a new content downloading program off of the Internet called Ares, which is supposed to be a company that is supposedly hard to download. I just do not understand how he does it because he can look at something for two seconds and know what is wrong with it.

  15. Do you remember the good old days of music downloads on the Internet? You know, the days where you could find anything you wanted, and it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to get the music you wanted? Personally, I’ve been missing those days in the midst of lawsuits, unavailable music, and having to budget for my downloads. The other day, I found ares, which is free program that allows me to once again enjoy peer-to-peer technology. It’s completely legal, and I’ve been loving it! I have been able to find songs that aren’t available on all the paying sites, and everything is here. This is great!

  16. My friend and I have found a great new file sharing site called Ares musica. It specializes in Latin music. At first we were just downloading mp3 files. We were so excited to have all these great Latin songs in one place. As we searched through the long list of downloads we found the music videos. The ever growing list of music videos is just the icing on the cake for this great site. Now we are able to see videos we previously had no way to watch. I am so happy we came across a site that serves our music needs so well.

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    Sometimes, having a teenager who is really involved in activities can be hard. Not bad by any means, but still hard. I am constantly driving her to and from activities, and helping her with whatever project she has taken on. Like right now, I am helping her collect music for their upcoming school dance. They don’t have money for a DJ, so they’re making mixed CD’s to play. Since we have an Ares free download on our computer, she volunteered to take music requests and make them into good CD’s to dance to. Which is a lot of work for both of us!

  17. I personally listen to tons and tons of music every day. While others are out going for a jog or taking a walk, I am inside jamming to music on my laptop. The Ares download software that I have on my computer is some of the fastest, safest, and easiest to use file sharing software out there. Ever since I downloaded the software a few months ago I have had no complaints whatsoever and all of my music has been downloaded quickly and easy. If anyone out there is truly looking for a file sharing company to go with I would go with Ares.

  18. Traveling doldrums. These are the worst when traveling with a car full of children, for the combined experiences of whining and moaning, wanting to know when we are going to get there and where we are going as well as the dreaded “Are we there yet?” And I always tell my husband that he is almost as bad as the grandchildren. However, I was fortunate to have gotten advice from my friend who is the world’s best and cleverest grandmother. I downloaded all the latest and most popular children’s movies from Ares for free, and it kept them quiet the entire trip. And best of all, they all thought it was the best summer trip they ever had.

  19. I have so many songs in my music library because I listen to music all of the time. There are some songs that I have had for a few years and they are not really in style anymore, you could say. I do not like listening to them because I think that when they were popular I listened to them more than others and because they were on the radio a lot. I need to clean out my Ares library so that I do not have to worry about hearing a song that I no longer like to listen to. This will help a lot.

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