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Ares is immensely user friendly and can be understood by anyone.  When you do an Ares download speeds are quick and selection is endless!

Your computer will thank you for Ares download.  Even Ares Lite is a good program to have.  However, the decision to get the free Ares download or anything related to Ares is simply a show of good thinkin!  There are many versions of Ares and Ares Lite is one the members of the file sharing family of the software world of Ares Galaxy!

The interface seems to be a little bit confused in the Ares Lite version.  I believe as the name implies that Ares Lite is scraped down to be a bare bones version of Ares.  One “trick” to use when using the Ares Lite version is to “hover” your mouse pointer over the buttons and this reveals their purpose.

Official Ares Ultra is without a speck of doubt the most advanced avatar of Ares and is complete with all the additional features that make it such a futuristic concept when concerned with downloading. Most of the older versions of Ares might have trouble to be connected to the machine and you are going haywire. However like the proverbial silver lining and amidst all this chaos, the Official Ares Ultra stands tall and stands high.

The Ares world is so huge that Ares Lite is recommend for those with computers 6 years old or older.  However, if you have a machine that can handle today’s code then I recommend that you opt for Official Ares Ultra.  Even if you do not branch out into the unknown at least you have the latest version that everyone else has already worked the bugs out of.  So any which way, enjoy, let me know what you think and see you in the world of Ares Galaxy.



  1. What do i get with the new Ares that I do not have with the older versions? I have been running ares for years and can’t think of what more it can do for me ?

    • i can’t seem to find the right ares to download movies and music for free. could u please help. a friend of mine said it was ares ultra can’t seem to find it help please

  2. Very sweet blog! I am a big fan of Ares Downloads and have even gotten a number of my family member to join the Ares Galaxy world!

  3. ares descargar: Have you seen that Ares downloads are making a huge splash on the spanish market 🙂

  4. Kool blog ! Ares is number 1 🙂 Gonna go get some ares descargar musica

  5. Thanks for the input 🙂 you are right ares is huge in spanish. We better start fousing on getting our music as ares musica! That’s fine with me even though I do not speak spanish I love my music in spanish! Marc Anthony is my favorite artist.

  6. Ares musica descargar Ares 2.1.1 has worked flawlessly for me and is super fast! thanks for tip.

  7. Thanks for the input. I have seen the same with Ares Musica that it has no glitches and is super fast for ares descargar musica.

  8. This is my first night using Ares Musica and I love it !

  9. Welcome to the Ares Family. I hope you enjoy it. IF you have any issues with downloading music let me know. thx, TheLapr.

  10. Thanks for the info Ares Music Downloads is the bomb !

  11. Glad to see that you are enjoying Ares Robinson 🙂 Let me know what secret jewels you discover!

  12. Thanks for all great info about Ares Music. Great Video. I put in my iPod 🙂

  13. Ares Destiny and Official Ares Ultra are A1 in my book 🙂

  14. Thanks for the comments 🙂 I agree ares destiny and Officialares are fantastic 🙂

  15. Great information about Ares. Thanks for the blog! Ares descargar musica is kool.

  16. Ares Destiny is going through some changes 🙂 Take a look and let me know what more you would like!

  17. Thanks for all the great comments … if you want to try out ares downloads you can click the link at the top for ares destiny and get a free ares download!

  18. Great information about Ares. I have found that the best place to get Ares Music is from . Give it a try and let me know what you think!

  19. ares is a really kool program that allows each person to share there files with everyone else on the network. It even allows each other to chat with one another.

  20. Ares is the best thing since sliced bread 🙂 Whatever that means. Ares allows me to always find the song I am looking for in a moments search and then download it and listen to it whenever, whereever I want to. Ares downloads works for me!

  21. I have seen where Rihanna’s music is currently doing fantastic. I wish I could be more forgiving like most. I am still wanting to almost boycott her for letting Chris Brown bet on her. Of course, I can’t even describe my wishes for Chris Brown. If Rihanna can move on I should too. I am gonna hit Ares downloads and she what Rihanna has out right now. She was of course my favorite!

    He visto que la musica de Rihanna está haciendo fantástico. Me gustaría ser más como la mayoría de perdonar. Sigo queriendo a su boicot de casi dejar Chris Brown por su apuesta. Por supuesto, no puedo siquiera describir mis deseos de Chris Brown. Si Rihanna puede pasar yo también. Me vas a golpear Ares descargas Rihanna y ella lo tiene en este momento. Ella fue, por supuesto, mi favorita!

  22. Hélio Castroneves took the checker flag this weekend at the Indy 500 after starting at the pole. It doesn’t get much better than being named Dancing with the Stars Champ, being aquited bya jury of your peers for tax evasion and winning the Indy 500 for a 3rd time. I bet Helio was jammin to Ares downloads as he crossed the finish-line in Indy. I know that we were playin our favorite Ares tunes all day and doing some heavy drinkin as Helio was traveling 500 miles and making a lot of left turns! Enjoy you ares and let me know what you have found special at ares.

    Hélio Castroneves tomó el inspector bandera este fin de semana en el Indy 500, después de haber comenzado en el polo. Que no se pone mucho mejor que ser nombrado Dancing with the Stars Champ, siendo aquited Bya jurado de sus pares para la evasión de impuestos y ganar la Indy 500 para una 3 ª vez. Apuesto a Helio se Jammin descargas como Ares cruzó la meta en la línea de Indy. Sé que fuimos jugando nuestro Ares canciones favoritas durante todo el día y hacer algunos bebiendo pesados como Helio viajaba 500 millas y una gran cantidad de giros a la izquierda! Disfrute de áreas, y usted quisiera saber lo que han encontrado en áreas especiales.

  23. Hi there. I am a real estate agent and I have been using ares music downloads to create soothing and warm music for clients as they are driving around looking at homes. Purchasing a new home is the second most stressful thing to go through. So I use ares and create cd’s that “fit” my current clients and I ask them to play the cd as they are going from home to home. I have been able to notice a differece in my clients attitude and my sales are through the roof even in this down market. Thanks ares.

    Hola. Soy un agente de bienes raíces y yo hemos estado usando ares descargas de música para crear música suave y cálido para los clientes, ya que se busca en torno a la conducción en los hogares. La compra de un nuevo hogar es la segunda más estresante que hay que pasar. Por lo tanto, el uso y la creación de áreas cd’s que “encaje” mis clientes actuales y les pregunto a reproducir el CD, ya que se van de casa a casa. He podido notar una diferencia de actitud en mis clientes y mis ventas son a través del techo hacia abajo, incluso en este mercado. Gracias áreas.

  24. Hoy fue un día increíble Ares. Me encantaría que todo el mundo tienen el mismo Ares experiencia que yo. Yo pensé que algo podría ser una pérdida de tiempo ayer por la noche, me quedé y creado un “rodaje” Ares pista de sonido de mi cuarto de julio de salida. No he pensado ni sé si sería capaz de escuchar mi música Ares pero funcionó perfectamente. Salimos en el país con toneladas de municiones y mucha, mucha de las armas y tuve mi iPod y mi lista de reproducción especial Ares disparo. Cierto las armas eran muy fuertes, pero he usado mi iPod oradores como tapones en los oídos y con protectores auditivos ahogar las explosiones es todo lo que escuchó durante todo el día fue maravilloso Ares canciones! Un verdadero día de rodaje sin Ares música seguiría siendo grande, pero ¿por qué no hacer un gran día perfectamente Ares gran día!? No he sido disparar en aproximadamente 4 años, porque nunca puedo encontrar el tiempo. Por favor, no sólo se centran en el día a día cosas de rutina, dése un tratamiento, crear una lista de reproducción especial Ares sólo para usted y para ir hacer lo que quieres hacer. Sus amigos, familiares y el empleador apreciará más si usted apreciar, y no olvide incluir su lista de Ares.

  25. It seems that I have gone through my fair share of cell phones lately but this time I think that I want to hang on to it for awhile because of all the new features on the one I bought. I now have Ares free music downloads and I have been able to download a bunch of new music for my ring tones. Since they are free I have actually been able to download music that is from this generation and my kids finally think that I may be on the road to getting cool again. My phone and music are finally in this century.

  26. Ares has proven with the newest release of the Ares download that they are here to stay. The company is structured in a different manner which has made it a lot harder to shut the company down. There is no one person that can be sued to shut it down since it is not owned in that manner. Not to mention that it is the best network out there. There have been many different file sharing companies and programs that have popped up all over the Internet. Many of these same companies have quickly met their end and been shut down for good.

  27. I liked the piece that the first girl picked. She will do a great performance with that music. The next girl that was coming in was one of my favorite girls. She always put on one of the best performances in my recital. She was a little short thing with long, black, and flowing hair. She looked like an angel when she danced. I figure she would pick an Ares music download that was fairly fast and moving. The kind that makes people want to get up on their feet and dance themselves. Or at least want to clap their hands to the music.

  28. I am sharing and downloading files again on a quality network. A few years ago, I put a halt to all my file sharing and downloading on the P2P network I was using. I was afraid of the legal issues and I had been getting so many corrupt files and malware on my computer that I was ready to give it up. A good friend told me about ares ultra, and I was skeptical. He guided me to the website, and told me to read all about it so I could feel at ease about it. I did read all about it, and afterwards, I got my free download. I began downloading games (I love to play games) within a few minutes.

  29. One thing you no longer have to settle for are slow downloads of games, movies, or music. Use ares downloads that are always free and fast for all of your multimedia needs. There are millions of files to choose from so I’m positive you will find whatever it is you are looking for with ease. Once you find it all you have to do is make a few clicks and before you know it the process it done, and you can enjoy your music, movies, and games. Settling is never a good thing in life to do. However, many of us settle for many things because we don’t see other options as being attainable.

  30. They have unlimited downloads. You can even download games. I never heard of a place that you can download music plus games too. If you are one of the many people that love to download music, then I’m sure that you are always looking for new web pages to download from? Well if you’re not, I know I am one of those people. I like to look for new things to make sure I’m getting the best that is out there. Right now I feel that Ares is the best out there so far. The reason I say that is because they offer so many great features.

  31. Now that I have the program myself I have finally found what all the fuss was about. There are so many things you can do with this program that I honestly do not know how I went on with life without it. It is a great way to get a number of different files at my finger tips. I love how easy it is to use it also that’s great. Finding Ares would have to be one of the best discoveries that I have ever made. People have been talking about this program, but I never knew what all the talk was for.

  32. The tabbed web browser, audio and video player comes with this version. You can also host chatrooms and meet new friends. You can also get fast multisource downloads that will find files from many different users at the same time. The powerful library organizer will allow you to stay organized by filing your music by type and category. you can also change your share settings as needed, and quickly locate your files. For those who want all of the basic features of ares, but also want to have a small memory footprint and low CPU usage, the Lite edition is the perfect solution.

  33. These days many people are online all the time looking for different ways in which they can get free content off of the Internet. I mean, my cousin is one who is guilty of this and all the time I tell him about it and that he should not do it because it is technically illegal. However, there is a company that I started downloading music and other content off of and that is Ares. This company is amazing because when you click on it its so easy to navigate through the program and also the speed in which the content downloads is through the roof.

  34. Music, movies and games are not the only files you can download with ares. E-book are becoming very popular amongst the computer savvy and eco-friendly world. You can save trees and space by downloading your favorite books in the form of an e-book through ares. More and more books are becoming available in this e-book form and a program like ares makes it easy to share them with other users so that you can read them as well. Ares offers its users a wide variety of files types other than music, video and games. So go to and download ares today.

  35. This semester I am taking a class in music appreciation. We are covering modern Latin music for the first week. Since I do not know a lot about Latin music I started searching the Internet for information. I came across Ares musica, wow; this site has been so helpful. I have been able to download Latin songs to help familiarize myself to this genre of music. The chat-rooms are full of knowledgeable people that have been willing to give me song titles to download. I think Ares musica is going to wind up helping me get an A in music appreciation.

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    My fiance and I are getting married in a few months, and the only task she’s given me is making mixed CD’s to play at the reception. They need to be a good mix of slow and fast songs, and they all have to be good for dancing to. Plus, she has a lot of specific songs, like one for our first dance, one for her father daughter dance, and stuff like that. So I’ve been working hard on that, and had to get an Ares free download to find a lot of the music we want. But it’s coming along good, and I think they’ll be awesome.

  36. I personally am a big fan of the world of blogs and forums and also posts. Most if not every day I get on my laptop at home and check out certain blog and forum sites to see what the news is about different issues in the media. Well last week I got on a new site and found a number of different posts about Ares download. I found out that Ares is a company that is designed for the downloading of music or movies or any type of content. It seems to be pretty interesting and people are saying a number of good things about it.

  37. My daughter is going to enter her first marathon run, and is looking for many different ways to help her achieve her goal. She joined a running club and they are motivating her, although she has been complaining to me that sometimes, she just does not feel like running and does not want that to stop her success. I suggested she listen to great motivating music, but really was not sure how she could accomplish that. A few days ago she called me and told me she had downloaded all her favorites from Ares onto her MP3 player. She gives me her time and distance, and she has made great strides since her Ares connection.

  38. I downloaded a few songs the other day and they still have not passed through onto my computer. I think that I have a busy server but I am not sure. I looked on the Ares website and found that they are all in the queue that I have. I think that since I have a busy server they have stopped until things clear up a little bit. I hope that they do not take very long because I cannot wait to listen to them. I want to show my friends my new songs when the weekend comes so I have a little bit of time.

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