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     Even with Rihanna and Brown having issues the Ares Galaxy music world marches on.  Ares music can always be found and music downloads are always easy to get.  No matter what the time or current world crisis one can find that Ares downloads are up and running.   These days Brown might need to uses Ares to download some Marc Anthony to get back in good graces with Rihanna.  Chris Brown was charged with two felony counts last week in connection with his alleged assault on girlfriend Rihanna, the next question became “Will Rihanna testify in the case?”  Brown, 19, was charged with assault and making criminal threats, which, if convicted, could land him more than four years in state prison. “The DAs are facing an uphill battle now if Rihanna isn’t cooperating,” Los Angeles defense lawyer and former prosecutor Steve Sitkoff told People magazine on Friday (March 6) about the alleged victim in the case, who reportedly reunited with Brown last weekend at a home owned by Diddy in Miami. “At this point, her cooperation can make or break the case. But the DAs may not need her if Brown is willing to strike a plea deal.”   While Etra said Rihanna did not request a “no-contact” order, which would prevent Brown from talking to or spending time with her, the judge in the case did order Brown not to “annoy, harass, molest, threaten or use force or violence against anyone,” which Etra said Rihanna thought was sufficient. He explained that the judge’s order does not prevent the couple from having contact and that it will stay in place until either Brown or Rihanna challenges it.   Go here for domestic-violence resources, or check out Think MTV for a video handbook on spotting the warning signs of abuse.



  1. can’t believe they are back together !! Can’t wait to see what we get on ares downloads no …. there ares music should be initeresting to say the least with the two together 🙂 I’ll hang out at the ares galaxy world just to see what happens !

  2. She is Crazy ! Hopefully some good ares music will come from this BEATHING!

  3. He is no man if he going to be hitting woman. I will still be a member of the Ares Galaxy World but will never Download his Ares Music.

  4. Rihanna didn’t seem like the kind of person who would be ok with being treated like a dog ?! I say she kicks him to the curb and writes a song about the whole experience and then we all can enjoy the music from ares download world !

  5. Hey All, Thanks for your comments 🙂 See you at Ares Galaxy.

  6. ares descargar musica 🙂 hey you’ll i’m learning spanish can you tell?! Actually it appears as if a lot of spanish music is located at ares galaxy !

  7. My fellow on Facebook shared this link with me and I’m not dissapointed at all that I came to your blog.

  8. I have not seen the update yet of Chriss’ day in court should I check or what? Either way I am gonna to stay with my first love of music and get what I want from Ares !!

  9. I think Brown should durn and Rihanna is letting him off two easy. I will only get her music from Ares Music downloads now ! HAHAHA

  10. Thanks for all your great comments … have you seen … there is a song about this. It can be downloaded from ares music downloads !

  11. I have to get to Ares and get that new song that Chris Brown has made for Rihanna … I heard bits of it on the radio but have not been able to hear the whole thing and see what Chris is saying about the … love taps.

  12. So what are you gonna do? Go to Ares and download the Chris Brown new song and check out Rihanna’s new music … or just ignore them and let them go away. If you do not have Ares … check out Ares Destiny it has gone over a new change! Enjoy.

  13. I can’t believe this thing is still going on. It is probably making them both gobs of money. They have a ton of hits on ares downloads. gotta new picture of Chris Brown I will get posted 🙂 he’s not lookin so good !

  14. I can’t believe that out of all the great how-to’s that are available at Ares people are making that stupid video. It was so stupid I had to watch it 3 times to figure it out. I mean it is really dumb DUM Dumb!

  15. The best thing about Ares is it allows you to get and share files and music tones with whomever you need and you can chat with whomever you want 🙂

  16. This is great You-Tube video. If have not noticed you can get lots of good information from Ares. You can type in your how-to search criteria and Ares Downloads will find something to help you. I used to be a COD4 junkie then when cod5 came out I lost interest. I am looking forward to the new release — COD2 Modern Warfare … i think. I hope it is more like cod4 with better graphics.

  17. Thanks for all the great comments. I have found that I do not care anymore about C. Browns and Rihanna’s decisions or lack of decisions to beat and punish each other. I want to spend my time getting the newest and coolest songs from Ares downloads.

    Gracias por todos los grandes comentarios. He descubierto que no me importa más acerca C. Brown y Rihanna las decisiones o falta de decisiones a golpear y castigar a los demás. Quiero dedicar mi tiempo a conseguir el más nuevo y más fresco de descargas de canciones de Ares.

    • I Dropped Over Thirty Pounds in One Month
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    I was just googling around about this when I found your post. I’m simply visiting to say that I definitely liked reading this post, it is really well written. Are you considering posting more about this? It seems like there’s more depth here for more posts.

  18. Hi there. Today has been a wanderful day. The weather was picture perfect, the winner from Dancing with the Stars Won again today for the 3rd time at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and my Baby told me that she Loves me! I think I need to go to Ares Downloads and get the perfect song for the moment. See ya later.

    Hola. Hoy ha sido un wanderful día. El tiempo era la imagen perfecta, el ganador de Dancing with the Stars ganado hoy de nuevo para la 3 ª vez en el Indianápolis Motor Speedway y mi bebé me dijo que me ama! Creo que necesito para ir a Descargas Ares y obtener la mejor canción por el momento. Nos vemos más tarde.

  19. Rihanna just got the wrong guy. She seems pretty smart and all I think there is just a age issue with both of them. She has great music at Ares and I love it. So I will continue to download ares music of Rihannas and enjoy and watch them mature.

  20. Today was an awesome Ares day. I would love for everyone to have the same Ares experience as me. I did something that I thought might be a waste of time last night, I stayed up and created a “shooting” Ares sound track for my Fourth of July outing. I did not think or know if I would be able to hear my Ares music but it worked perfectly. We went out into the country with tons of ammo and lots and lots of guns and I had my iPod and my special Ares shooting playlist. True the guns were very loud, but I used my iPod speakers as ear plugs and with ear protectors drowning out the blasts is all I heard all day was wonderful Ares songs! True a day of shooting with no Ares music would still be great, but why not make a great day a perfectly great Ares day !? I have not been shooting in about 4 years because I can never find the time. Please do not just focus on the day to day routine stuff, give yourself a treat, create a special Ares playlist just for you and go do what you want to do. Your friends, family and employer will appreciate you more if you appreciate yourself and don’t forget to include your personal Ares List.

  21. Apparently, not everyone feels the same about music sharing. Recording companies are throwing up their arms about the sharing of music. They say it is killing the industry but I think the real reason is the stupid music they put out. My friends and I have been using a p2p network to share our music for quite a while now. We found a free ares download and immediately started using it. We use it to share bands that we have heard and want our other friends to know about. It has not kept me from going out and buying a good album when I hear it.

  22. They are structured in a different way than companies that have been shut down and this has something to do with it. They seem like they are going to outlast any other companies that are around. Sharing music has become quite the phenomena over the past decade. There have been some big name companies that have come and gone and others that are hanging on for dear life. One of the few that has not is still releasing new versions of the Ares download. They continue to update the program with new features and seem to have little trouble getting shut down.

  23. The way the music can go from fast to slow to fast again. It gives my dancers a chance to show off all of their dancing talents. I am going to bring each one of my girls in this year and let them pick their own recital music from this site. It will let them feel like they had a say in their performance. I am a dance teacher who is very well known to this area for my synchronized dance moves to the beautiful music I choose. I get all of my music mixtures from a site called Ares music download. They have the perfect pieces for my dancers.

  24. A good friend told me about ares ultra, and I was skeptical. He guided me to the website, and told me to read all about it so I could feel at ease about it. I did read all about it, and afterwards, I got my free download. I began downloading games (I love to play games) within a few minutes. I am sharing and downloading files again on a quality network. A few years ago, I put a halt to all my file sharing and downloading on the P2P network I was using. I was afraid of the legal issues and I had been getting so many corrupt files and malware on my computer that I was ready to give it up.

  25. I’m thankful for being introduced to this new option that is available, and I am telling all of my friends and family. Everyone that I know is completely satisfied. Are you still using sites that take hours and sometimes even days to download one simple song, game, or movie? I know a lot of you probably are. Well get with the program and start using ares downloads. You’ll be able to download files for free and faster then any other downloads around. I download several things a day and have never had a single problem with anything I was downloading.

  26. They don’t just have unlimited music downloads either. They also have files you can download and even HD movies to download. I have never heard of a company that you can download HD movies. I think that is really neat, some of the stuff people are coming up with these days. When it comes to downloading music you can go online and search for that. You will come up with many different companies to choose from. You want to search through them all hoping to find the one that is exactly what you are wanting. If you are looking for unlimited music downloads then you should try Ares.

    • freearesdownload2
    • Posted September 30, 2009 at 7:30 pm
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    But I can remember staying up all night in the computer lab in our dorm and searching for new bands on MySpace and PureVolume. It was ridiculous. I could have failed out because I wasn’t getting enough sleep. One of my friends is in college now, and he stays up on weekends and downloads music on Ares. He said that it’s a great way to connect with people all over the place, and get new tunes. I just hope he sleeps a few hours before classes start! When I was in college, I used to listen to so many hardcore bands. Now, I keep it pretty low key.

  27. You need to opt for the best one out there. Remember this name: ares. In my opinion, and many other people’s, this is the best software that you can buy for the purpose of file sharing. There are other benefits to be had as well. There is a chat room where you can go and share your experiences and tips with others. I would not use anything else after using this. My experiences with other software have been less than satisfactory. That is until I started using this one. I recommend it to everyone. Don’t compromise when you use a file sharing system.

  28. However I needed to find some specific music online because I had been volunteered to make a CD for an office party. My son actually came to the rescue when he told me I could download from Ares, where he gets his music from. I had my doubts about a site which included both his kind of songs and mine but was pleasantly surprised to find that he was right. Within a short time I had what I needed and the name of a one-stop music shopping site. I enjoy music but not enough to spend a lot of money buying CD’s. In fact I am usually happy with what I hear on the radio.

  29. When you look for a website to download music and games from what are you looking for? Do you just look for the first site that you come across and you are satisfied with that, or do you search for the best? I can tell you right now that your search is over. Go to the Ares site and just look at all the great qualities of that website. They tell you that you will always be able to find what you are looking for. No more of that searching over and over again for a song that never pops up, isn’t that great?

  30. I am always a little bit leery of things that are free; especially when they are offered online. You really have to be careful what you do these days because there are so many clever scam artists trying to make a living off of innocent people. When I saw that Ares was a free file sharing program, I was a little more than skeptical. I have downloaded free programs before and ended up with spyware on my PC. I really wanted to try the file sharing program so I downloaded it onto my old computer and then ran a scan. It was clean. I now enjoy downloading all the music files and videos that I want.

  31. People using the Internet can see what is being downloaded on my computer. I do not like this fact at all. This is a situation where there is no sure way to know who is safe and who is not safe. Being that the user’s computer is identified by their IP address, it is easy to see private information. The good thing about downloading with the Ares software is different files can be downloaded simultaneously to different users. Speed and accuracy is what keeps users coming back for more adventures in downloading files. The other thing that keeps them coming back is variety in choices in feature that the software offers.

    • aresmusicdownloads
    • Posted February 13, 2010 at 10:47 am
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    What is amazing to me about the free ares download website is that it is a file sharing program that allows you to search by category. So if I am particularly fond of a certain genre of music and want to find more artists or songs in that genre I can search the network by category such as “reggae”. The program will search for all files that have been listed under that category giving me the opportunity to sort through them and then download any that happen to catch my interest. It is a great way to discover new artists and songs that I never would have found otherwise.

  32. While I was surfing the Internet the other day I came upon a pretty sweet website known only as This website is based around an ares program, which is pretty much a content downloading program to help the everyday American download music or movies. From what I have found out about the program it seems to be free and if it is anything like the website, it should be pretty easy to use as well as navigate through. There are so many content downloading sites out there now it seems like I have hit the jackpot when I found out about this site.

  33. We were recently looking for music to play for our high school reunion. We wanted to get a collection of songs that were popular in our senior year and then have back ups for the four years we spent in high school. It took a lot of searching before we found Ares. Once we found that location we were able to download them all to our MP3 player and then have them wherever we went. We had music for our float, we had music for our informal get together and we had music for our banquet. Everyone loved the nostalgic music.

  34. I need to find a particular song by an artist. This person is my favorite artist in the world. They move me and make me a better person. I feel like I can accomplish anything when I listen to them. I have searched all day for this song and finally found it at Ares Descargar Musica. This is so great I am ecstatic. Don’t mind me, I am just skipping through the house yelling and screaming because I finally found this song. I know you say it is just a song but to me it is not. It is my whole world.

  35. I have so many songs in my music library because I listen to music all of the time. There are some songs that I have had for a few years and they are not really in style anymore, you could say. I do not like listening to them because I think that when they were popular I listened to them more than others and because they were on the radio a lot. I need to clean out my Ares library so that I do not have to worry about hearing a song that I no longer like to listen to. This will help a lot.

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