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I downloaded Ares Galaxy about six months ago.  Since then I have become addicted to music downloads from Ares.  I have all the music that I have ever listened to on my computer.   My girlfriend, actually she is the love of my life, but that is another blog J just bought me an ipod.  It took me about an hour to get all my Ares music downloads copied to my ipod.  Then I realized that the ipod plugs right into my truck and I was able to copy my Ares Galaxy music downloads onto my trucks hard-drive.   Can you see how this just seems to keep getting better and better!  One online search of Ares music download and the next thing you know I have my favorite music from my roller-skating days on instant recall on my computer, ipod and truck!   MY next step to making my Ares Galaxy life just too cool is to get all my music in sub-directories like: dance music, music to listen to when with that special someone … etc.

The next step I have started ‘tinkering’ within the Ares Galaxy world is downloads of software files.  It appears within the Ares Galaxy world ones download ability is only limited to ones imagination!  However, it appears as if when it comes to music downloads I do pretty well, software downloads I can’t seem to “think” of much. 

Anywho, that seems to be all I have for now when it comes to my new addiction of ARES but I am sure that I will download more music and software from Ares Galaxy and if I find anything new and exciting to report about ares or wherever it takes me … I will!


He descargado Ares Galaxy hace seis meses. Desde entonces se han convertido en adictos a las descargas de musica de Ares. Tengo toda la musica que he escuchado en mi equipo. Mi novia, ella es realmente el amor de mi vida, pero eso es otro blog 🙂 me acabo de comprar un iPod. Me tomó alrededor de una hora para obtener todas las descargas de musica de mi Ares copiado a mi ipod. Luego me di cuenta de que el iPod se conecta la derecha en mi camión y yo era capaz de copiarse a mi Ares Galaxy descargas de música en mi disco duro camiones. ¿Puedes ver cómo esto parece que no deja de obtener una mejor y mejor! Una búsqueda en línea de descarga de musica de Ares y la próxima cosa que saben que tengo mi musica favorita de mi patinaje días instantánea recordar en mi ordenador, el iPod y el camión! Mi siguiente paso para hacer mi vida de la galaxia de Ares es demasiado fresco para mi la musica en todos los sub-directorios como: musica de baile, música para escuchar cuando con ese alguien especial … etc

El siguiente paso que he empezado “retoques” en el mundo es la galaxia de Ares descargas de archivos de software. Al parecer, en el mundo que la galaxia de Ares es la capacidad de descarga sólo se limita a los imaginación! Sin embargo, parece como si cuando se trata de descargas de musica que hago muy bien, descargas de software me parece que no puede “pensar” de mucho.

Anywho, que parece ser todo lo que tengo por ahora cuando se trata de mi nueva adicción de ARES pero estoy seguro de que voy a descargar mas musica y software de Ares Galaxy y si encuentro algo nuevo y excitante para informar acerca de áreas o de dondequiera que me voy a …!





  1. Thanks for the blog about Ares Galaxy. I have found my own enjoyment in music downloads form Ares. I am not sure what you mean by, download music to your truck? You mean you play download music via your ipod through your truck?!

  2. Thanks for the Comments:-) Enjoy your ares downloads.

  3. Very cool post. Ares downloads are so very sweet I agree.

  4. Thanks for the post. If you have experienced the spanish side of ares descargar musica check it out. It appears as if the world is even larger in spanish.

  5. Like the post 🙂 Ares Descargar Musica is the best way !

  6. I am a huuuuge fan of Ares Music. Thanks for the information.

  7. Thanks for comments. Glad to have you as a Ares Family Member. Enjoy!

  8. Thanks for the Ares Destiny. Always like to get the scoop from the mothership! thanks for the Ares music downloads!

  9. Ares Destiny is a awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Great Blog about your Ares experience. I am gonna have to get my own Ares Descargar musica and hopefully I will be blogging about my experience 🙂

  11. Thanks for the comments. If you do not have Ares yet, now is great time to check it out. Ares Destiny has updated their site and have a free search version. Check it out

  12. Hope you like the Spanish update… I am trying to do this to all. I know that it will have a “litteral” translation but better than nothing …. now while I am learning 🙂

  13. Hi all. Thanks for all the great comments. If you have not given ares downloads a try I say it is a must 🙂 give it a try — there is everything you could want there. See the link at top for ares destiny 🙂

  14. Ares is way kool! I have a lot of music and video’s on my system thanks to ares! If you do you have your copy yet you can click the ares link at the top to get the free music download program.

  15. Thanks for the great info in english and spanish. I am a presonal fan of Ares downloads and plan to download all i can in spanish. I am so happy that the p2p family includes those who have all the good good music !

  16. If you are looking for something to consume your mind and get you hooked on a new fetish try Ares. I have found myself listening to different radio stations so I can hear songs that I want but do not know so I can download them from

  17. Ares is available to everyone and in every language. Just as long as somebody else that has the similar likes as you has a computer and ares downloads on it then you are in good shape. With there being millions and millions of Ares members the chances of someone being like you are pretty good!

  18. Hi there. I ended up here looking for salvia but that is ok because I just got into Ares music downloads about a month ago and I am now a huge fan! I have been able to use ares to get all kinds of different and cool stuff. I am a huge fan keep up ares!

    Hola. Acabé aquí buscando salvia, pero que no está mal, porque acabo de descargas de música en Ares hace como un mes y ahora estoy un gran fan! He tenido la oportunidad de utilizar áreas para obtener todo tipo de cosas y diferentes. Soy un gran fan mantener ares!

  19. Sometimes I have to Thank God for my Ares. This quick little flight is turning into a long long flight that has taken me to – somewhere, in no man’s land. Luckily, I do have 347 Ares songs and plenty of those I have never heard or it’s been a really long time. I took a quick but cheap little flight and after we circled for 30 minutes we ran out of fuel and had to land somewhere fast so that we could get in line at the plane pump. Anywho, if I could give one piece of advice it would be expect the best and prepare for the worst. I am truly burning-up my iPod with my Ares downloads just trying to stay calm through this rain delay.

    A veces tengo que Gracias a Dios por mi Ares. Este rápido vuelo poco se está convirtiendo en un largo tiempo de vuelo que me ha llevado a – en algún lugar, en tierra de nadie. Por suerte, tengo Ares 347 canciones y un montón de los que nunca han oído hablar o ha sido mucho tiempo. Tomé un poco rápido, pero barato de vuelo y después de que en círculos durante 30 minutos nos quedamos sin combustible y tuvo a la tierra en algún lugar rápido para que pudiéramos obtener en línea en el plano de la bomba. Anywho, si me podría dar un consejo sería esperar lo mejor y prepararse para lo peor. Estoy realmente quema de mi iPod con mi Ares descargas tratando de mantener la calma a través de esta lluvia demora.

  20. Today has been an Ares day! I started out with nothing absolutely nothing to do on a Saturday. What are the chances of that happening?! I was able to spend my whole day surfing different options at Ares and organizing my play lists. I wish everyone has a day like mine. Happy surfing to you and enjoy yourself at ares music downloads.

    Hoy ha sido un día Ares! Empecé con nada absolutamente nada que hacer en sábado. ¿Cuáles son las posibilidades de que eso suceda? Tuve la oportunidad de pasar todo el día mi surf diferentes opciones en la organización de mi Ares y listas de reproducción. Deseo todo el mundo tiene un día como el mío. Surf a usted feliz y disfrutar en ares descargas de musica.

  21. The only issue I have is that I also have a Mac and would like to download Ares music onto my Mac … see what you can do thanks. Thanks for the great informative blog about ares music downloads. I have tried Ares and can say that I am hooked.

  22. I recently found a full version of the free ares download and was pleasantly surprised to see it was the real deal. I didn’t waste my time having to install a trial version and then deleting it when I found out it wasn’t the full version. I wish everybody would just put out the full version or at least say that their version is only a trial. I get really annoyed when I see a downloadable program that claims to be the full version and then once you download it, it is only a trial version that lasts a week or two.

  23. Well I was able to find it and download it from Ares! Reliving my childhood via Ares is great. Check it out – cute: Bouncing Babies. I hate to give the BIG ending away in the title but it is true that I did find it at Ares. I played a silly little game when I was very very very young and I was just thinking about it tonight. It actually took me a while just to remember the name. The object was to bounce babies from one side to the other. Believe it or not the name is actually bouncing babies.

  24. One of the most popular programs for file sharing is ares galaxy. It has been around in some form or another since 2002 and has gone through many changes so that it could increase in popularity. It is one of the few file sharing networks that has not been continually shut down by the RIAA. This is largely due to the structure of the network and its updates. There are plenty of people that would like to see file sharing shut down but the longer the protest goes on, the more likely it seems that file sharing networks are here to stay.

  25. After reading up on them, I feel safe using this application and downloading files through it. I do not worry over legalities or malware with this either. If you thought file sharing was obsolete, you have another think coming. Go check it out like I did and give it a shot. Until recently, I thought the whole file sharing deal was finished. After coming under fire for the usage and all the people that were arrested, I figured I’d cut my loses and run with what I had. I was wrong about file sharing being obsolete. I was referred to ares ultra to download free and start file sharing once again.

  26. Time is valuable and I no longer have to waste my time waiting for my song, movie, or game to download onto my computer. I am sure most of us have experienced some pretty slow downloads form numerous different sites. All we want to do is hear a song or watch a movie and find ourselves waiting for hours sometimes. I got sick of the wait and started researching online for a better solution. The solution I found is free and I am loving it. All of my downloads are now ares downloads which are faster than any other I have ever used.

  27. I suggested putting their music up through Ares so it would start circulating. They are supposed to get back to me sometime in the next day or two. I work with a number of different bands. And lately, they haven’t been doing very well at getting their music out into the open. For up and coming bands like them, it is almost better to just give your music away so people will actually know it, and then they will want to pay for it. But until there is fan base created, the only place that they sell their music as at their live shows.

    • freearesdownload2
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    Whenever I have a problem, I call up my friend and she gives me the link to an amazing site. I was looking for a good file sharing site and no matter how hard I tried I was not able to find one that fit all my criteria. I called up my friend and she laughed because she knew I needed help. When I told her what I needed she told me about Ares Descargar Musica and gave me the link. It was the best link I ever got from her and it was exactly what I needed. I have a friend that is always able to find the best sites, shops, music, everything.

  28. This is high performing software that will allow you to download the music files you want in a quick and easy manner. So, don’t consider anything else, because you don’t need to. Instead, go for the software that will deliver the results that you want. No one wants to spend extra time trying to figure out complicated or confusing software programs. So don’t. Once you try this product, you will want to always use it. If you are a person who likes to be able to share and download music files, then you should know about the advantages of ares.

  29. One of my friends said that the Ares download software was one of the best ones out there so I decided to give it a go. I was shocked to find out how easy this was and how powerful this capability was! I’m downloading things every day now, I’m practically addicted to downloading new songs! A bunch of my friends were asking me what peer to peer software I use to get my movies and music and honestly I had to tell them “nothing”. I never knew you could get your music and videos/movies online so I never really thought about it.

  30. Do you love music? There are so many ways we can listen to our music. Well you may listen to your music on your ipod or mp3 player but how do you get the music to put it on those electronics? Most people use the websites that allow you to download music. Have you ever heard of Ares? If you use that site then you are on of the lucky people. Did you know that there are over one million songs, files and games that you can download? I mean how cool is that? There arent very many other sites out there like that at all.

  31. I have finally found a file sharing program that’s easy to use and completely free. A friend of mine told me about the Ares program last week, but I didn’t get a chance to install it until last night. The installation was really easy and I am really pleased about the interface. It’s super easy to find what you are looking for with the search feature. I was surprised to learn that there are over 100 million titles to choose from. There are music, video, software, and document files available. The download speeds are really fast, but I have to wonder how long it would take to download all those titles.

  32. Chatting is such a past time to me that it is a wonder I hasn’t worn out my text keyboard. I predict that when the youth today are older there will be a lot of complaints of thumb pain. I hope not though because I may be on that list of sufferers too. I went online to find some new chat places and I found one along with a music download site. It as a Ares type of site and I was able to download my fave tunes and chat. It is really a great place to meet other music lovers and have some fun!

    • aresmusicdownloads
    • Posted February 13, 2010 at 10:32 am
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    I am very much a mood music person. To me this means that music has the power to create certain moods or responses or reflect whatever mood I am in at the time. For example I like to listen to lively, upbeat music in the morning or whenever I am heading out to an event which will lift my spirits and help get me excited for the day or event. Using the free ares download site has allowed me access to millions of different music files that I can search and then quickly download whatever music suits me. It means I have been able to create play lists of songs to suit whatever mood I am in at the moment!

  33. Whenever I go to a video store like Hollywood Video or Blockbuster, I try to find the best video out there without paying an arm and a leg, so to speak, for the movie. One way of receiving movies is by downloading them off the Internet. One program that I have found very useful in trying to download movies is through ares. This is a program that is said to be very helpful and easy in helping one download any kind of movie that they so desire to watch. I hope one day that there are many programs out there like this one.

  34. Part of my job as a computer technician is to help other people set up their computers as well as help them if they encounter different problems with their computers. The last customer I helped was a woman who was trying to set up an ares program on her laptop. These programs are designed to help people with downloading songs or movies or whatever content the person desires. I quickly found her a website that would show her step by step how to download such a program and earlier today she came in and told me what a great help I was to her.

  35. I downloaded a few songs the other day and they still have not passed through onto my computer. I think that I have a busy server but I am not sure. I looked on the Ares website and found that they are all in the queue that I have. I think that since I have a busy server they have stopped until things clear up a little bit. I hope that they do not take very long because I cannot wait to listen to them. I want to show my friends my new songs when the weekend comes so I have a little bit of time.

  36. My kids love Disney movies. A long time ago, I started buying the movies from the store as they came out, so my kids can have their own collection. When my husband lost his job I could no longer afford to do this for them. Instead, I began file sharing with Ares. This has saved me a ton of money, and my kids’ movie collection has grown twice as fast. Now when my kids come to me and want watch a movie that we do not have, I am able to download the exact movie that they want and have them watching it in a matter of minutes. And with no spyware I am fully protected.

  37. My Ares download has been an interesting process. First, you have to use Internet Explorer and only Internet Explorer. When you click within the Ares software, you will be taken to an Internet Explorer window. With that said, I love this program. It is so easy to use. A friend of mine told me about it a while ago, so I decided to give a try one day when I was bored. It was easy to download, and when I started using this program, I was able to find a lot of the music that I like. I am so grateful to my friend for turning me on to Ares.

  38. I downloaded a few songs the other day and they still have not passed through onto my computer. I think that I have a busy server but I am not sure. I looked on the Ares website and found that they are all in the queue that I have. I think that since I have a busy server they have stopped until things clear up a little bit. I hope that they do not take very long because I cannot wait to listen to them. I want to show my friends my new songs when the weekend comes so I have a little bit of time.

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    […] Ares has all the usual P2P features, plus some unique ones. There’s a search window, an audio and video preview page, and an upload and download monitor. It’s also quite easy to tweak these controls using the control-panel page. Unfortunately, as with other P2P clients that let you make such adjustments, the average user will need to do a bit of research to understand some of the more arcane settings, such as ports, hash links, and proxy bouncing. Like LimeWire, Ares also serves as a media librarian for your entire computer, not just the files you download or share. […]

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