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Salvia is in the news again, Florida is currently trying to make the extract salvia divinorum illegal.  This would give those caught using salvia a jail sentence up to 5 years.  Some say legislators are overreacting to a minor problem, but no one disputes that salvia impairs judgment and the ability to concentrate.

On Web sites touting the mind-blowing powers of salvia divinorum, come-ons to buy the hallucinogenic drug are accompanied by warnings: “Time is running out! …stock up while you still can.”



  1. Damn Florida! 🙂

  2. Florida does Suck! Couldn’t have said it better Salvia Trips or Bust!

  3. my first salvia trip was awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the news about salvia divinorum potentially being outlawed. I am gonna stock up so i don’t miss my salvia trips.

  5. Thanks for the comments: Sorry to say but NOT a rumor Ohio has outlawed salvia divinorum. You can NOT buy salvia divinorum for your salvia trips in Ohio anymore!

  6. Thanks for the input ! I did not know that about Ohio and the issues you are having there with salvia divinorum. If I decide to buy salvia I will make sure I am not in the state of Ohio !

  7. You had me going with the salvia leaves … I was in dream land there for a minute thinking all those leaves where fresh salvia leaves !!!!!!

  8. If you have not smoked salvia yet … I say you should give it a try. It is legal and great for astral projection! Just click the buy salvia at the top to be taken to 🙂 enjoy !

  9. Lots of great info about salvia at:

  10. Hi there. Just wanted to say that I am a personal fan of salvia. I would like to know where others pick as there website to buy salvia ?

  11. Salvia is a pretty incredible herb. It allows you to leave your body behind and experience another part of our vast world for just a few moments before you return.

  12. Salvia is natural herb that has helps people for thousands of years exspand their horizons. Unfortunately, lots of young people are using salvia to try get a similar high that one gets from marijuana. They are able to do this because salvia is legal and get be purchased off the internet. However, I believe that if salvia keeps being abused that someday it too will be illegal. Please use with a little smarts 🙂

  13. Thanks for all the great comments. Salvia is alway being debated these days. I say let well enough alone. Salvia grows wild and is a herb. Find something else to bitch about!

  14. Thanks for all the great comments. I have noticed that a lot of people ares upset about the idea of Salvia becoming illegal more and more places. If i could point out one thing there are alternatives to boosting your salvia trip and getting a good astral projection. Try this site: this is salvia alternatives that are LEGAL everywhere!

  15. I always believe that salvia is much better than acai berry.

  16. The salvia plant is mostly used when these shamans felt they needed to discover the cause of a patient’s illness in the supernatural world. The shaman entered a visionary trance that allowed him to see what steps have to be taken to cure the patient. This is still a common usage of salvia under the present generation of Mazatec Indians. The salvia plant is used for prediction, meditation and the search for the divine. Salvia is endemic to the Sierra Madre Mountains in Oaxaca, Mexico. In this region it is used by Mazatec curanderos and curanderas in different rituals.

  17. Q. Can the standardized salvinorin A fortified leaf products be taken orally/sublingually?
    A: In theory, yes, but since sublingual absorption in not very efficient in this form, you would need to use a dose about 30–40 times larger than the smoking dose. From an economic point of view, it makes far more sense to use Sage Goddess Emerald Essence for sublingual use. Save the standardized salvinorin A fortified leaf for smoking, since the primary benefit of the standardized extracts is that they substantially reduce the amount of smoke one needs to ingest.

  18. It was strange to have these strips of darkness curl around me, zipping up almost cradling me, but putting me in a dark space that I was not ready for, in the sense that I tried to convince myself to control it as best as I could. You cant control salvia, because she has the power of the universe at her disposal. One is left to experience and process in the afterglow. This is not a drug, but a powerful spiritual tool that should not be taken lightly. There was a strange comfort in my journey. I don’t think I lost control in a bad way, but I did pee myself, and my friend told me I had ash on my face from where I had checked the bowl and then became awestruck. He said I looked a little scared and somewhat blank faced.

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    Salvia divinorum is a sage used for millennia by natives of Oaxaca for its psychoactive properties. The active ingredient of the plant is salvinorin A, which is similar in potency to LSD. The drug is now available worldwide through the Internet and in head shops as leaves for smoking, or as a liquid tincture. Salvia produces intense short-lived psychedelic effects – longer effects when taken orally, shorter when smoking the leaves. In most of the United States, salvia is still sold legally. Users generally report pleasant experiences, but some have reported the opposite result – fear, terror, panic and worse. The September 2008 issue of the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry reports a case of Salvia dosing that led to a near-fatal toxic psychosis.

    An 18-year-old woman was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, after reportedly smoking marijuana, with schizophrenia-type symptoms. She was agitated, disorganized and hallucinating. Several days later, her former boyfriend revealed that she had unknowingly smoked leaves and leaf extracts of Salvia divinorum added to her marijuana joint. The young woman had a long history of cannabis use with no untoward effects, but had never before used salvia. After increasing self-mutilating behavior in the hospital, she was involuntarily admitted to a closed ward. Despite large doses of intravenously and intramuscularly administered anti-psychotic drugs, she remained highly psychotic, with disordered thinking, delusions, and slow speech. A few nights later, she was transferred to an intensive care unit because of “a marked decrease of alertness.” She had developed a toxic psychosis with stupor and catatonic excitement. Because the anti-psychotic medications (Zyprexa and Haldol) were having no useful effect, the young woman was given two series of electroconvulsive treatments, but these were discontinued because she had recurrent episodes in which her heart stopped for periods as long as 5 seconds. Her erratic heartbeat required a temporary external cardiac pacemaker.

    Then things started to turn bad …. Her agitation caused her to bite off a 1/2-inch-by- 1/2-inch part of her tongue, which she aspirated, requiring tracheal intubation and ventilation. She developed elevated temperature, a drop in blood pressure and a rigid abdomen. An X-ray showed signs of peritonitis. An exploration of her abdomen disclosed several necrotic (dead, dying) areas of her small intestine and colon, requiring surgical removal of the affected parts. After a long hospitalization, which included decreasing doses of anti-psychotic drugs, her psychotic symptoms resolved and she was discharged in a psychiatrically stable condition. The young woman and her parents have since instituted legal proceedings against her former boyfriend, accusing him of dosing her with Salvia divinorum.

  19. Salvia is more powerful than the classic effects of marijuana.

  20. Smoking or chewing the leaves of the plant sends the user on a trip that according to accounts posted on various sites can be even more intense than the LSD experience, but unlike an LSD trip, which can last six hours or more, the Mexican herb’s effects usually last less than an hour, with a peak of only 20 minutes or less. One woman who has experimented with salvia told ABCNEWS that she lost touch with her surroundings for only a few minutes, but during the experience it seemed much longer, and she found it difficult to describe everything she saw, heard and felt.

  21. I felt very tense and detached from the world around me. I was being spoken too and wanted to answer but hand gestures were all I could manage. The few words I did speak during my experience were short, muffled and incoherent. This however didn’t last more than five minutes peaking at around three or four minutes with a small amount of disorientation for the next half hour or so.Shamanic experts speak of six levels of intoxication that can be attained through the consumption of salvia divinorum. The fist level of the effects of salvia is of course the mildest.

  22. It is also good for keeping the plant healthy and strong while growing. I have heard of situations were salvia growers have had thier friends over, who knew nothing of diviner’s sage, and the friends would ask about the odd looking little growing salvia plant. Some grower/users are reluctant to reveal thier intentions for the plant to thier more “upstanding” friends, but since it is completly legal in the US most people are pretty accepting. salvia divinorum is a relatively easy plant to propagate. Small cuttings will usually root within two or three weeks.

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