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Ares is immensely user friendly and can be understood by anyone.  When you do an Ares download speeds are quick and selection is endless!

Your computer will thank you for Ares download.  Even Ares Lite is a good program to have.  However, the decision to get the free Ares download or anything related to Ares is simply a show of good thinkin!  There are many versions of Ares and Ares Lite is one the members of the file sharing family of the software world of Ares Galaxy!

The interface seems to be a little bit confused in the Ares Lite version.  I believe as the name implies that Ares Lite is scraped down to be a bare bones version of Ares.  One “trick” to use when using the Ares Lite version is to “hover” your mouse pointer over the buttons and this reveals their purpose.

Official Ares Ultra is without a speck of doubt the most advanced avatar of Ares and is complete with all the additional features that make it such a futuristic concept when concerned with downloading. Most of the older versions of Ares might have trouble to be connected to the machine and you are going haywire. However like the proverbial silver lining and amidst all this chaos, the Official Ares Ultra stands tall and stands high.

The Ares world is so huge that Ares Lite is recommend for those with computers 6 years old or older.  However, if you have a machine that can handle today’s code then I recommend that you opt for Official Ares Ultra.  Even if you do not branch out into the unknown at least you have the latest version that everyone else has already worked the bugs out of.  So any which way, enjoy, let me know what you think and see you in the world of Ares Galaxy.


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     Even with Rihanna and Brown having issues the Ares Galaxy music world marches on.  Ares music can always be found and music downloads are always easy to get.  No matter what the time or current world crisis one can find that Ares downloads are up and running.   These days Brown might need to uses Ares to download some Marc Anthony to get back in good graces with Rihanna.  Chris Brown was charged with two felony counts last week in connection with his alleged assault on girlfriend Rihanna, the next question became “Will Rihanna testify in the case?”  Brown, 19, was charged with assault and making criminal threats, which, if convicted, could land him more than four years in state prison. “The DAs are facing an uphill battle now if Rihanna isn’t cooperating,” Los Angeles defense lawyer and former prosecutor Steve Sitkoff told People magazine on Friday (March 6) about the alleged victim in the case, who reportedly reunited with Brown last weekend at a home owned by Diddy in Miami. “At this point, her cooperation can make or break the case. But the DAs may not need her if Brown is willing to strike a plea deal.”   While Etra said Rihanna did not request a “no-contact” order, which would prevent Brown from talking to or spending time with her, the judge in the case did order Brown not to “annoy, harass, molest, threaten or use force or violence against anyone,” which Etra said Rihanna thought was sufficient. He explained that the judge’s order does not prevent the couple from having contact and that it will stay in place until either Brown or Rihanna challenges it.   Go here for domestic-violence resources, or check out Think MTV for a video handbook on spotting the warning signs of abuse.

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en espanol mas abajo

I downloaded Ares Galaxy about six months ago.  Since then I have become addicted to music downloads from Ares.  I have all the music that I have ever listened to on my computer.   My girlfriend, actually she is the love of my life, but that is another blog J just bought me an ipod.  It took me about an hour to get all my Ares music downloads copied to my ipod.  Then I realized that the ipod plugs right into my truck and I was able to copy my Ares Galaxy music downloads onto my trucks hard-drive.   Can you see how this just seems to keep getting better and better!  One online search of Ares music download and the next thing you know I have my favorite music from my roller-skating days on instant recall on my computer, ipod and truck!   MY next step to making my Ares Galaxy life just too cool is to get all my music in sub-directories like: dance music, music to listen to when with that special someone … etc.

The next step I have started ‘tinkering’ within the Ares Galaxy world is downloads of software files.  It appears within the Ares Galaxy world ones download ability is only limited to ones imagination!  However, it appears as if when it comes to music downloads I do pretty well, software downloads I can’t seem to “think” of much. 

Anywho, that seems to be all I have for now when it comes to my new addiction of ARES but I am sure that I will download more music and software from Ares Galaxy and if I find anything new and exciting to report about ares or wherever it takes me … I will!


He descargado Ares Galaxy hace seis meses. Desde entonces se han convertido en adictos a las descargas de musica de Ares. Tengo toda la musica que he escuchado en mi equipo. Mi novia, ella es realmente el amor de mi vida, pero eso es otro blog 🙂 me acabo de comprar un iPod. Me tomó alrededor de una hora para obtener todas las descargas de musica de mi Ares copiado a mi ipod. Luego me di cuenta de que el iPod se conecta la derecha en mi camión y yo era capaz de copiarse a mi Ares Galaxy descargas de música en mi disco duro camiones. ¿Puedes ver cómo esto parece que no deja de obtener una mejor y mejor! Una búsqueda en línea de descarga de musica de Ares y la próxima cosa que saben que tengo mi musica favorita de mi patinaje días instantánea recordar en mi ordenador, el iPod y el camión! Mi siguiente paso para hacer mi vida de la galaxia de Ares es demasiado fresco para mi la musica en todos los sub-directorios como: musica de baile, música para escuchar cuando con ese alguien especial … etc

El siguiente paso que he empezado “retoques” en el mundo es la galaxia de Ares descargas de archivos de software. Al parecer, en el mundo que la galaxia de Ares es la capacidad de descarga sólo se limita a los imaginación! Sin embargo, parece como si cuando se trata de descargas de musica que hago muy bien, descargas de software me parece que no puede “pensar” de mucho.

Anywho, que parece ser todo lo que tengo por ahora cuando se trata de mi nueva adicción de ARES pero estoy seguro de que voy a descargar mas musica y software de Ares Galaxy y si encuentro algo nuevo y excitante para informar acerca de áreas o de dondequiera que me voy a …!




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Salvia is in the news again, Florida is currently trying to make the extract salvia divinorum illegal.  This would give those caught using salvia a jail sentence up to 5 years.  Some say legislators are overreacting to a minor problem, but no one disputes that salvia impairs judgment and the ability to concentrate.

On Web sites touting the mind-blowing powers of salvia divinorum, come-ons to buy the hallucinogenic drug are accompanied by warnings: “Time is running out! …stock up while you still can.”


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Web sites are touting the mind-blowing powers of salvia divinorum, come-ons to buy the hallucinogenic herb are accompanied by warnings: “Time is running out! … stock up while you still can.”
That’s because salvia is being targeted by lawmakers concerned that the inexpensive and easy-to-obtain plant could become the
next marijuana. Eight states have already placed restrictions on salvia, and 16 others, including Florida, are considering a ban or have previously.
“As soon as we make one drug illegal, kids start looking around for other drugs they can buy legally. This is just the next one,” said Florida state Rep. Mary Brandenburg, who has introduced a bill to make possession of salvia a felony punishable by up to five years in prison.
Some say legislators are overreacting to a minor problem, but no one disputes that the plant impairs judgment and the ability to drive.
Native to Mexico and still grown there,
salvia divinorum is generally smoked but can also be chewed or made into a tea and drunk. buy salvia:

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